New on the Menu: Super Bowl of China's Beef Hofan, Red Bean Milk Tea + more

There's more to their menu than the lemon chicken.

Super Bowl of China
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( In a long list of Manila restaurants that peddle Chinese fare, Super Bowl of China may not exactly be top of mind. It’s not a habit (yet), but its consistency is welcome, especially for diners looking to satisfy a random Chinese food craving.


Since its inception in 2001, this franchise has come up with uncomplicated flavors paired with an affordable menu, hinged on the ever-reliable lemon chicken specialty. Super Bowl’s newest menu items urge you to draw your gaze away from your steady favorites, and look to other equally satisfying options.

Pork Wanton with Mala Sauce



Dimsum Combination Platter (P310)

The classic Dimsum Combination Platter might be a go-to dim sum option, but for those who prefer more of a kick, don’t write off the Pork Wanton with Mala Sauce (P95). Each steamed morsel is stuffed with chunky pork and generously topped with spicy mala sauce.


Beef Hofan



Beef with Ampalaya and Black Beans



Hot Chicken Salad (P270)

The new menu also features dishes that will appeal to beef lovers, such as the Beef Hofan (P260), Shanghai flat noodles sauteed in a flavorful oyster and soy sauce sauce then topped with tender strips of beef; and the Beef with Ampalaya and Black Beans (P300), best paired with their popular Yang Chow fried rice.


Red Bean Milk Tea


As if to combat the sweltering Manila weather, Super Bowl has also concocted a Red Bean Milk Tea drink (P85), a hefty glass filled to the brim with a blend of brewed Chinese tea and milk, then subtly sweetened with red beans.


Super Bowl may sport a new look and logo, but their new items sit comfortably with the rest of their menu. Chances are, it won’t be too hard to find another dependable favorite.

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