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Japanese cheesecake, anyone?

Branches at the basement levels of SM Makati and Landmark Makati



( This isn’t about being a traitor to pan de sal (we love our bread, we love our Chiz Whiz), but when we see, smell, and hear about Japanese breads and pastries, we can't help the little spark of excitement in our bellies. Local bread has its own humor (who else would name a roll after a woman’s monthly visit?), but in Japan, the cult is fluffier, more moist, more…luscious.



The secret is in the ingredients. Kumori, the latest player in the Philippines' growing roster of Japanese bakeshops, has quietly set up stalls in SM Makati and Landmark in the past month. It peddles pastries straight from Japan every day, with every item infused with trademark Japanese flair. Their refusal to use preservatives makes their treats last only a day, but trust us when we say that it'll only take you a few seconds to eat several.


Signature Hanjuku Cheese


The Japanese cheesecake has been steadily making its presence known in Manila. Kumori's version is the Signature Hanjuku Cheese (P48), which is half-baked and made with premium cream cheese (it comes in chocolate, too). Each individually wrapped piece is a block of pure, luscious velvet. You can pop a piece and marvel at how it melts in your mouth. It's a fitting reaction; kumo means "cloud" in Japanese. 




Fuwa-fuwa Cream Buns


Soft Matcha Bun


There are two large, eye-catching buns that look ultra delectable: golden round things in little pastry skirts and topped with a generous shake of confectioner’s sugar—a flurry of green for one of them. But this is just a superficial draw. It’s what's inside that really seals the deal. The Fuwa-fuwa Cream Bun (P58) oozes a glorious custard cream, while the Soft Matcha Bun (P48) comes full with that bittersweet earthy cream.


Butter Croissant


Salmon Bonito


You could go with a classic buttery croissant (P55) and end up feeling like it’s your lucky day, but Kumori has other delectable offerings. The Salmon Bonito (P65) is another bun, savory, but filled with salmon. Smaller, they come in two pieces—served skewered and sprinkled with that briny quality of dried bonito flakes that round out the flavors of this yummy snack.


Both Kimori stalls have that bright, hypnotizing quality of novelty—and you can’t quite ignore the displays of pastry just beckoning you to come over. You come to Kumori to sample the shiny new place, but you leave with bags upon bags of cheesecake and buns. It has that effect. You'll want everyone to taste it to understand what you're talking about. 

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