The Eats You Have to Try at Gourmand Market This Weekend

Gourmand Market will be at BGC till May 24


( After its success last March, Gourmand Market is back at the Central Square quad in Bonifacio Global City. Trish Panlilio and Dara Roa have once again put together a vast range of eats, drinks, and kitsch for another three-day event, which will last until May 24. We see old favorites like The Butchery, LES Bagels, Il Ponticello, Trish's NawwTys Kitchen, and emerging market staple, Manila Creamery, but we're always up to trying new things.


Everything—from the flowers to the drinks—from Gourmand Market is a worthy feature, but here are some that you should try before you leave.




Slurp Cold Brew

Cold-brewed coffee is the latest word in the caffeine world. Slurp is one of those little places that nail it perfectly. Get the Rocket Fuel (medium bold with sweet and citrus notes) or the X Blend (strong and tough) for P400. 



Manong's Bagnet

Do we even have to explain? It's bagnet. Manong's, who actually had a manang behind the counter, peddles it in a variety of preparations: sisig bagnet, Bicol Express bagnet, and Ilocos bagnet. They have Vigan longganisa and a Laing Special, too. Top any of those babies with rice (P100)—yes, even in this weather—and you're golden. You can also buy bagnet by the kilo (P195).




Kitayama Meatshop

Go crazy and get the Kitayama Burger stuffed with bone marrow and embellished with blue cheese and shiitake mushrooms. That would probably require around P500, but you're paying for the real deal. Something simpler? They also have Kitayama Wagyu Adobo Flakes (P300), Kitayama Corned Beef (P800), or how about some Kitayama Chicken Skin Chicharon (P200)?



Casa Amarilla

Chorizo is the name of the game, and you can have it with rice and egg (P160) or in a quesadilla (P170). Either way is good, and if you haven't had enough, buy a frozen pack (P330) to take home. 




The Little Spatula

If you love good pastries, you'll love Little Spatula. Their rustic display is a perfect complement to their homey treats, like a Mini London Lemon Loaf (P55), Mini Paleo Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf (P65), Skinny Monkey Muffin (P60), Cocoanut Bliss Balls (P150), and Good-for-you Parfait (P120). Watch out for the cactus underneath the menu. 




We sure hope we'll get to see Basilur at bazaars when it's closer to Christmas. They vend premium teas in the prettiest packaging (P500), including one that looks like a book!




Chili Asylum

From the mildy insane to the absolute crazy, Chili Asylum has the answer to all your spicy needs. Salsas are the specialty and their jars (P300/each) contain quirky ones like Watermelon, Tomato, Orange, Mango, Cucumber, Grape, and Guacamole. They also have an amazing Super Veggie Chili (P500/kilo) that's both refreshing and hot. 




Stanford Shaw

Stanford Shaw's range of drinks is enough of a lure, but making a pitstop here might actually be a necessity. This heat needs a counter swig of their ultra-cool ginger ale (P200). If you require something stronger, they've been receiving raves for their ales: Nipa Brew Tropic Haze (P200), as well as Cebruery's People Power (P250), Dumaguete Dubbel (P250), Boracay Blonde (P250), Chocolate Hills (P250). 




Snack Box

You'll forget all about Brownie Brittle when you get a taste of these things. Snack Box's Brownie Crunch are P150/box, but get three (and you probably will) and you can get them for cheap at P420. We're swearing by Chia and Flax Seeds, which are actually really tasty thanks to the cacao nibs.



The Crazy Cook

Drop by during the later hours, pick up a pack of their Balbacua Stew (P700), and pat yourself on the back for getting such a nice dinner. The Crazy Cook also has Kitayama Wagyu Sate (P150), Bacon Belly Sate (P120), Lamb Sate (P120), Chicken Sate (P120). For something zingier, get the Pomelo Salad (P165).




Logs and Stuffins by Lydia Lerma

The perfect after-work pasalubong is inside the plain white boxes from Ms. Lydia Lerma. Enjoy homestyle fare via her homemade chicken pot pies (P420/six). Chicken is the premise here. She also sells them as relleno (P500 to P1,300) and galantina (P500 to P900).




A simple sweet to nibble on as you survey the rest of the bazaar? We suggest this yummy piaya (P25). Don't scoff now. It's artisanal and in flavors like calamansi, chocolate, coco sugar, and peanut.  




House of Roast Beef

Carnivores would automatically converge around this area. You might have to wait a bit since they cook only per order. Their roasts are paired with red wine reduction sauce so you really get a rich punch of flavor. Choose your carb from rice (P170), ciabatta (P170), mashed potato (P180), and pesto pasta (P190). You could even take home a kilo of roast beef for P1,500. 



Happy Creamery

Another sanctuary against the heat is Happy Creamery. Their mantra is to spread bliss by peddling ice cream that are categorized as Happy Flavors (P135 to P260), Special Smile Flavors (P150 to P290), and combo (P275). Get the Goat's Cheese with Pili to soothe impending heat-induced BVs.




Casa Carmela

The promise is "Bacolod in a bottle." The execution is just that. If you're craving the flavors of Bacolod, you'll find them in their jars of chicken inasal pate, grilling oil, baby squid adobo, bilong-bilong, sinamak, pitaw, and more. 



Bundtwagon By Cara

Here's another space that will satiate your sweet tooth. Cara's cakes aren't too sweet, which is what we love about them. She has three varieties available: coffee, banana, and red velvet, each with its own complementary topping. The banana is especially impressive, that round fruity flavor really coming through. You can get them whole (P600), as a loaf (P375), or a slice (P80). Cool down with some fresh carabao's milk, which also comes in plain, chocolate, low-fat, and coffee.





If you're looking for a meal, you only need to look as far as Xancho—which isn't really too far. It's right in front of the mall entrance. They have a yummy Catalan Beef Stew that's flourished with crumbled homemade chorizo (P350). You can get them frozen, too. 

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