New Restaurant Alert: K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes at White Plains, Quezon City

A taste of Baguio in the metro

K&L Cafe by Blushing Cupcakes
138 Katipunan Avenue corner St. Ignatius, White Plains, Quezon City
Contact: 234-5965
Open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 




( You enter K&L Cafe and it looks like a posh apartment: high ceilings, tall glass windows, and modern interiors in shades of brown and white. The two-floor building is actually a refurbished dress shop (don't worry, Ching Santos is still there), but very little change was actually done to transform it into the Baguio City-themed cafe it is today.


Modern yet cozy interiors



The second floor

It's the details that matter here, like a shelf that peddles your favorite treats from Baguio and the two sisters who started the business. They are Karen and Loren de Guzman, siblings born and raised in the City of Pines who wanted to bring a part of that culture into Manila in the form of food.


We spy lengua!

Most of the ingredients used in their dishes are delivered straight from Baguio, usually on a weekly basis. It's not just about the ingredients, though. Some dishes are family recipes, while others are named after Baguio landmarks you might be familar with, like the Session Salad with Strawberry Wine (P175) or the Mines View Dried Pusit (P155).


Longganisa Locale Pasta


Ilocos Bagnet with Tomato Salsa

Karen and Loren have a hands-on approach to their meals, concocting new dishes every month to switch things up while retaining old favorites. The Longganisa Locale Pasta (P219) is surprisingly light but still heavy on flavors thanks to the chewy bits of toasted longganisa and slivers of crunchy garlic. Meanwhile, the Ilocos Bagnet with Tomato Salsa (P265) is a likely favorite. We recommend pairing the tender and sinfully fatty chunks of bagnet with the salsa for a little kick.



Adobong Puti


Daddy's Bourbon American Ribs

If you're looking to try their specials, Lola Nena's Adobong Puti (P209) is a signature family recipe. It's much lighter than your usual adobo, with more meat than fat. Then again, you can also indulge yourself with Daddy's Bourbon American Ribs (P295), a hefty slab of soft meat drizzled with sweet and smokey hickory glaze. 





Red Velvet Surprise Cupcake



Strawberry Shortcake


Cap off your meal with one of their sweet creations, like the Red Velvet Surprise Cupcake (P89), a cheesecake in cupcake form that's bursting with a red velvet center and garnished with a buttercream frosting. If you're still looking for that Baguio experience, the Strawberry Shortcake (P145) is a treat for folks who love the city's famous strawberries.


K&L Cafe is a comforting (and delicious) reminder that you don't have to travel for over five hours to get a taste of Baguio and what is has to offer. It's just enough to tide you over before your next getaway.


Photos by Pia Guballa

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