New Restaurant Alert: Moonleaf + Bunnies Cafe at Binondo, Manila

Moonleaf makes room for a hopping new franchise.

Moonleaf + Bunnies Cafe
611 V. Tytana Street, Plaza Lorenzo, Binondo, Manila
Contact: 714-4911, 0922-652-2888
Open 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Monday to Friday) and 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. (Saturday to Sunday)




( The trend has gone, but Moonleaf endures, earning a permanent place in the part of our stomachs dedicated to milk tea. The milk tea company has expanded internationally and you could say it's in a pretty comfortable position, but Moonleaf knows how to adapt. From the original line of drinks concocted from premium tea leaves from Taiwan, they now have Moonleaf + Bunnies Cafe, pushing for the philosophy "Eat, Play, and Chat."


Bonds immortalized with sticky notes



Moonleaf’s nature theme with hints of bunnies make a good tandem


Walk in Moonleaf + Bunnies Cafe and you'll notice how it carries the familiar green hues as well as colorful sticky notes on corkboards that have become a company signature. The "Bunnies" part come in via a painting of bunnies playing coy on fluffy white clouds, Moonleaf drinks, and adorable tea cups. Co-owners Cristine Tantongco and Diana Natividad say the whole concept is likened to bunnies in their natural habitat—basking in fields of cuteness.




Moonleaf’s bestselling drinks


Milk tea and slush, no doubt, are still the primary language here. The Strawberry Milkslush (P115 to P125), in particular, has a certain pull that makes it irresistible—generous bits of fruit and all. Another hit is the Double Dutch Milk Tea (P105 to P115), which offers the best of both worlds as an ice cream fave morphing into a refreshing and addictive drink. Bunnies will also soon roll out their own line of traditional caffeine-infused drinks.



Just some of the many board games your kid at heart can choose from



French Fries (P33/Regular, P53/Large, P63/X-Large)


Various board games in a glass display tempt anyone’s inner child. It’s not every day you see people trade their smartphones for something...analog, but Bunnies offers that change of pace. Complement your downtime with fries that come in Garlic Salt, BBQ, Cheese, and Sour Cream. Made from scratch, the potatoes are served in thick cuts and fried to a light crunch that refuses to turn soggy for a fairly impressive long time.


Which is which? Chicken Bites and Pork Bites in the house!


The Chicken Bites (P75) and Pork Bites (P80) are the café’s take on the popcorn-chicken-slash-pork that's popular in the Taiwan street-food scene. Crisped basil tops the delightful, savory pica-pica. Have a ball, pun intended, with the Squid Ball, Beef Ball, Lobster Ball, and Mushroom Ball (P49 each). Taking their cue from Taiwan classics, these are jam-packed with so much flavor for something bite-sized. They're true to flavor, too. You won't mistake the mushroom for anything else. 


Lobster Ball



Beef Ball



Meat Lasagna



Crab Claws


For those who want something heavier, the Meat Lasagna (P150) comes in portions that don’t disappoint. The dish’s appeal stems from its self-assured, no-frills, back-to-basics approach. Everything you look for in lasagna is here—tomato-basil pasta sauce topped with glorious melted parmesan and slivers of oregano.


Roast Chicken




Barbecue Pulled Pork


Because Bunnies is going for the people-pleasing dishes, rice meals like Roast Chicken and Barbecue Pulled Pork (both P150) are available. The former boasts tender, succulent meat with a killer gravy, while the latter hits all aspects of your palate with a fiery, smoky, sweet flavor. Soon, the kitchen will be prepping for all-day breakfast options. 



We just love our breakfast favorites any time of the day. Like this Pork Tocino (P120).




Presenting the Tapsi 101 (P130)


Satisfy your sweet tooth with a slice of their cake creations. The Bunnies Special Carrot Cake (P135/slice, P950/whole) hits all the right notes with a garnish of buttercream frosting bursting with whole pieces of carrot. If you don’t like your veggies, then consider this treat your gateway. There’s a light version too, made with coco sugar (P160 per slice and P1,180 for whole). Folks who want their blueberry cheesecake fix will find a delectable version here. The authentic cream cheese is not short on making a luscious appearance, and so do the blueberries.


Carrot cake!



Macadamias on sansrival



Blueberry cheesecake, anyone? You can have it at P180 per slice and P1,300 for whole.


There's a sign near the door that says, "Keep Calm and Love Bunnies." And you will. The cafe, we mean. It's the perfect chill-out, no-fuss hideout.


Photos by Hans Fausto

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