The eggs in Seattle's Best Coffee will make your day

Eggs and more are in store.


( There’s something climactic about eggs. Over easy, sunny side, poached, sous vide—when the yolk is swollen, pulsating, and ready to burst with the lightest touch.  That runny yellow goo coating a one-of-a-kind creaminess over everything else.


Seattle’s Best Coffee offers this exciting—egg-citing?—feeling several times over. The coffee-shop chain has the caffeine down pat, and now the goal is to bump up their breakfast offerings with eight new additions to their Fresh Meals menu, available only at selected branches.


Eggs aren’t exactly the theme in this fresh-from-the-kitchen set, but it certainly makes itself the inadvertent star. It comes up in four dishes, Spam in two, sausage in two, and bacon in two. SBC goes for easy-to-love combinations. After all, who doesn’t love bacon, tomato, and mozzarella over a fat slab of grilled toast?


Bacon, Tomato, Mozzarella Toasties (P205)


Open-faced sandwiches offer renewed curiosity—not to mention a bit of Instagram flair—to the everyday breakfast sammie. For their series of Toasties, SBC uses thicker-than-usual bread, as if to make up for the missing top layer, grilled for some crust, and flourished with an assortment of delectable toppings. Slices of schublig and velvety scrambled eggs mimic an omelet while Spam and a lovely sunny side-up egg bring to life an old (grade) school baon.



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Sausage and Egg Toasties (P205)



Spam and Egg Toasties (P205)




Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Toasties (P220)


Fans of the bestselling Salmon Panini would definitely test their loyalty over its Toasties version. Long shreds of cucumber offer a refreshing crunch under that deliciously plush smoked fish. Cream cheese, of course, is a non-negotiable in this formula.


Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Skillet (P210)




Sausage, Potato, and Cheese Breakfast Skillet (P210)


Not to be left behind in the latest restaurant vogue, SBC also asserts versions of eggs in a skillet. Extra salt and pepper is served on the side to taste for the Bacon & Cheese, but that’s really just for the more hard-to-please palates. The crispy bacon dabs on enough salt and savor over the luscious eggs, mozzarella, and Monterey Jack. Skip the fork and use the lumber of ciabatta to scoop everything up. In another pan, cocktail sausage, potatoes, and eggs sizzle in their own steaming-hot party.


Spam and Cheese French Toast Rollups (P185)




Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast Rollups (P185)


More breakfast favorites converge in the sweeter menu offerings. Consider crepes and French toast in what SBC christens as “Rollups.” White bread is flattened into a something crepe-like and used to roll over a yummy filling—Spam and cheese for one, peanut-butter and jelly in another. The latter sounds like an incredibly sweet proposition, but it’s nuttier over anything else. The topcoat of cinnamon sugar is just the perfect final touch.


SBC may make bank with their cool Javakulas, but this new breakfast line-up just validates the point that great coffee is even better with a good meal. 


All-day breakfast is available only at selected Seattle's Best Coffee branches.

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