Debuting: Wildflour's Cornetto, Ramen Nagi's Gyoza Soup

Wildflour's newest pastry already has us hooked.


( Someone from Wildflour wrote on their Facebook page: "Churro who? Meet the #Wildflour Cornetto with an extra-thick warm hazelnut choc dip to dunk this dream of a dessert in." 


The hazelnut bit did us in. Someone has to transport us to the nearest Wildflour tomorrow. Stat. Like a croissant, a cornetto is a breakfast pastry, but it's denser and sweeter. They appear similar, but look closer: A croissant is crescent-shaped while a cornetto is shaped like a horn. It's heavier and much more filling. We can imagine it with the warm chocolatey-nutty dip. It kind of beats the bread-and-coffee pairing, don't you think?


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Katsu Roll


Ramen Nagi seems to be on a roll with their new offerings. Just last week, they released a set of "ramen chips" as well as frozen gyoza to go, but they still have a lot more tricks up their sleeve. The ramen chain has just introduced takigyoza as a side dish. Takigyoza is pretty much the dumplings everyone knows and loves, but it comes in a savory broth. It's very similar to our own Pancit Molo. Ramen Nagi serves theirs in a sizzling hot bowl so it's like a warm embrace every time. 


Other new Ramen Nagi dishes are wontons (which look like their gyoza except triangular in shape) in either the red or green sauce, sesame kyuri (cucumber), and pork katsu rolls. 

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Click here for a list of Ramen Nagi branches. Read more about Ramen Nagi

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