New Restaurant Alert: Dohtonbori at Greenhills, San Juan

This Japanese restaurant is an experience more than a meal.

8 Missouri Street, Northeast Greenhills, San Juan City
Contact: 570-2765
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 




( Dohtonbori is the newest Japanese franchise to hit Manila. While some of us are saving up for our chance to walk the quaint streets of Japan, Kim Cruz has done us a solid by bringing this authentic okonomiyaki experience here.





You just stepped into Japan.


Okono roughly means "what you want," and miyaki is "[to] cook," so loosely translated okonomiyaki means what you want to cook. It's a very fitting term to describe the origin of the dish, as well as the style by which the food is served in this restaurant.


The tables all come with their own grill, which as you know, implies that you do some cooking on your own. Before you panic, you should know that they set up a "How To" card on your table to show you the ropes!




The steps to an okonomiyaki


The Mixed Okonomiyaki (P290) is a hodgepodge of seafood, meat, and veggies, folded into a thick blanket of egg, topped with a generous brushing of a special okonomiyaki sauce. Even if yours doesn’t come out picture-perfect, the taste will more than make up for it.


Gyu-Suji Yakisoba


Cooking yakisoba can usually be summed up in four words for most of us—just add hot water. So it’s quite refreshing to order the Gyu-Suji Yakisoba (P330) and do some tossing and sauteing to get it done right. While this takes a bit longer than your instant fare, the wait is rendered negligible by the taste.



Ramen Tonkotsu


Their Ramen Tonkotsu (P290) looks and tastes like a masterpiece. The delicate charsiu slices complement the density of their authentic ramen noodles. Show it the respect it deserves by slurping your way to the bottom of the bowl.




A staple in most family diners is the Sukiyaki (P190), but Dohtonbori’s deconstructed version is interesting as it does away with noodles, and the raw egg is served as a dip! The process of dipping while the ingredients are still hot from the plate adds a creamy, velvety taste in your mouth, which you don’t get by mixing it in.


Radish and Seaweed Salad



Steamed Vegetables


Other recommended dishes include the Radish and Seaweed Salad (P190), Steamed Vegetables (P240), and the Quattro Formaggi Pizza (P240).


By bringing in an authentic Japanese experience here, Kim has raised the bar for others. Dohtonbori is not just about great food, but also about the art of perfectionism imbibed in their culture. It’s not just here to stay, it’s here to teach.


Photos by Chris Clemente

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