Here's where you can still enjoy The Girl + The Bull

And Gab Bustos has a new menu that you will absolutely love.



( Gab Bustos and Thea de Rivera moved out of their 346 Aguirre Avenue location on November 23, but while they’re prepping for The Girl + The Bull’s next home, the couple made sure that loyal fans can still enjoy their brand of artistic comfort food.


“Since 12/10 is only open for dinner, we thought, why not just serve The Girl + The Bull for lunch?” says Thea. 12/10 is the couple’s second restaurant on Guijo Street, a chic white brick-walled, black-accented space that calls to mind hip hidden nooks in New York, and now the temporary home of dishes from The Girl + The Bull. The light streaming in through the big windows make it the perfect lunch setting.


For this temporary situation, Gab, ever the creative, has come up with a new menu that Thea promises us will last until they move into their actual space in February 2016.



Buttermilk Fried Chicken


We notice that the fried chicken is there—Gab’s famous buttermilk fried chicken (P430) that actually ranked No. 1 on’s Top 10 Southern-style Fried Chicken list in 2014. Some time last year, Gab switched the buttery brioche slices for vegetables. Some time after that, they took it out completely, replacing it with another chicken dish. Now, it’s back in all its super-spiced, wonderfully crispy, impressively juicy three-piece glory with the original moist French toast sides.



Faux Twix


Thea assures us that not only is the fried chicken available daily (it used to be available only on Fridays and Saturdays), it’s also permanent. Just like their other most well-known dish—the Faux Twix (P180), faultless layers of shortbread, caramel, and felchlin chocolate topped with fleur de sel.


Back in 2014, when we asked Thea about Gab’s cooking style, she replied with: “Whatever Gab feels like cooking.” The new menu, however, still leaves the artist with a lot of creativity.




He has Gougeres (P110) now. They’re brittle little balls of choux pastry with a thin coat of cheese inside. The flavor is distinct, but light, which makes them the most addictive appetizers.



Mushroom Toast


More pronounced flavors show up in the Mushroom Toast (P230). The mushrooms are especially bold, with that earthy flavor perked up by the tangy lifts of ponzu and sour cream. A sprinkle of dill rounds up all those flavors together.


Bone Marrow


Thea swears by the Bone Marrow (P480) and those averse to its excessively rich promises will appreciate the efforts Gab put to develop a really distinguished balance. Lychees cut the heft of the marrow, but it’s the burnt onions that really seal the deal. The slices of bread it comes with are toasted through; the crunch giving a texture that disguises the marrow into something light—and addictive.



Cacio Y Pepe


Rice cake nuggets change the game for the The Girl + The Bull’s Cacio Y Pepe (P260). The cheese in the cheese and pepper sauce unusually sticks out, but it works to really integrate flavor to the chewy pieces of rice cake. The serving size isn’t large, but it's ideal for this kind of dish.


Sloppy Joe


Gab's new Sloppy Joe (P360) is perhaps the tidiest interpretation we've seen. A golden brown homemade bun and a sunshiny fried egg neatly blankets the delicious-looking masterpiece. The size manageable, the patty cleanly put together, this version is not all messy, with the runny yolk blending well with the crunchy tomato sauce and the juices from the beef patty. Even the flavors are well arranged, each element putting up a delicious new dimension to the entire thing.


Locations don’t matter. With Gab and Thea, they can come up with clever culinary artistry wherever, whenever.



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Photos by Regine Rafael

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