Holiday Wishlist: 4 Genius Food Items We Want in Manila

We're hoping the big guy in red would read our request.

( Dear Santa,


We know you're incredibly busy right now, making your list and checking it twice, but should your eyes dart towards our humble website, here's a little list of things we'd like to get for Christmas. 



Chocolate Singles 

Do you remember those pre-sliced squares called Cheese Singles? Peel off the plastic, stick the cheese between bread and instant sandwich? Well, Japan has come up with a chocolate version. Japanese company Bourbon developed these melt-in-your-mouth chocolate dream that dessert lovers and dessert makers will go nuts over. Can you imagine making s'mores with these? According to Z Living, they contain 1.3% alcohol though so they're not recommended for children.




3D-Printed Gummies

We never thought we'd see the day that gummi bears would be so dull. According to, German candy company Katjes and organic confectionery Goody Good Stuff teamed up to create the world's first consumable printed candy. The gummy comes out of a syringe to carefully create your shape of choice. There are limited shapes (mostly animal) right now, but we're hoping for big things. By the way, these gummies are vegan!


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Oreo Churros

Churros have been really big in the Philippines this year and we know of several specialty stores that peddle hard-to-find pantry products, so we're wondering why no one has thought of bringing this chocolatey goodness to the Pearl of the Orient. So. Not. Fair. 




Pork Ramen Candy

This is another one of those "only in Japan" creations. It's for people who only want the taste ramen without fear of calories and bloating. It's perfect for curbing cravings. Rocket News 24 reports that mail order company Nissen (not Nissin) had surveyed people for their next flavor. The winner was tonkotsu, a type of ramen made from pork stock. If you're craving chicken, however, you might have to settle for the real thing. 

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