This Oreo Pancake Milkshake makes you wonder if you're eating or drinking it

Starr's Famous Shakes shakes it up with a new branch and more flavors.

Starr’s Famous Shakes Milkshake Bar
Missouri Building, Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
Open daily from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.




( Once you enter Starr’s Famous Shakes, you’ll notice that the interiors are cozy and decorated with artwork of popstars holding their signature item. You immediately get the vibe that it's the kind of place where you can bring a small group of friends and talk for hours.


“We were going for Americana. We wanted something that would translate to that because milkshakes are a classic American thing.” On what led them to this kind of design. "Think modern-day Pop Tate’s from the Archie comics," says co-owner Cheska Del Castillo.



Punny posters



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We ask Cheska how it all began and she shares that her mother, co-owner Kitty Del Castillo, enjoyed making milkshakes for the family and they were so good that they felt everybody had to try it. “It was a spontaneous thing. She just wanted to share all the recipes [with everyone].”


Their flagship flavor is the Caramel and Cookie Dough (P95) which prompted them to start selling the shakes as it was the time when cookie dough was all the rage.


They’ve certainly conquered both northern and southern areas of Metro Manila with branches located at Katipunan, UST, and The Rock. And now their latest branch is in Greenhills. Funny enough, it's positioned below a 24-hour gym, but Cheska says that gym-goers frequent the place and even order their cake shakes. (Well, there goes that NYR.)



Oreo Pancake


Starr's Famous Shakes has two new flavors: First up is the Oreo Pancake (P125). Take a sip from the milkshake version of the favorite college food fare: Oreo deep-fried in thick, goopy pancake batter. There are bits of it blended in the drink to give you a mouthful of Oreo Pancake with every slurp of the straw. And the best part? The drink comes with a one whole Oreo Pancake cookie that’s wedged into the side for dunking purposes. This cake shake is a sweet treat with flavorful texture.




Then we have the Dinosaur (P125), the choco counterpart of their best-selling Retro Malt Horlicks (P120) milkshake. The Dinosaur is a malted shake that’s mixed with creamy vanilla ice cream and topped with a generous amount of powder that’s guaranteed to give you chunks of chocolatey goodness with every sip. “I like it when you sip the straw and nagbubuo-buo 'yong malt,” shares Cheska.



We couldn’t agree more. Think back to that chocolate malt drink you’d chug down as a kid while watching cartoons. Remember enjoying the chewy chunks of powder that weren’t fully dissolved in the drink mix? You will have a similar experience with the Dinosaur milkshake. It’s chewy, chunky, powdery, and creamy in all the right places. This dessert drink is available exclusively at the Greenhills branch and you won’t find it elsewhere.


And while you’re there, you can balance out those sweet shakes with savory snacks. There are mini Corndogs (P50) with cornmeal batter that’s crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. Or how about some Wedge N Wings (P125)? Bite into the crispy, crunchy coating of these sweet and spicy wings that are cooked and drizzled in cherry cola. The basket is served with a side of potato wedges and a jalapeño dipping sauce (for just the right amount of heat).



Wedge N Wings


So what’s in store for loyal customers of Starr's this year? In February, the shake joint will be in its fifth year in business. To celebrate, Starr’s Famous Shakes will be giving away artwork made by the designer responsible for the pop art graphics that decorate the walls of every branch. Plus, they'll debut a special commemorative flavor named after the owner herself called Kitty Kitty Bang Bang sometime this year. (Spoiler Alert: It’s going to have strawberries in it.)


Click here for a list of Starr's branches. 


Photos by Karen De Vera

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