New Restaurant Alert: Morganfield's at Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City

Could we have some more ribs, please?

2/F Uptown Place Mall, 9th Avenue corner 36th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Contact: 0977-803-6374
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.




( The largest rack of ribs at Morganfield’s is 13 inches long and weighs over a kilo. It looks like a challenge: a beautiful, glossy brown, charred hurdle that’s backed by even more things that would make appetites falter—sausages, fries, shrimps, fish, and more. But you take it the way you do any obstacle: one thing, one rib at a time. Pretty soon, when it’s all over, it doesn’t seem too big an issue.


This is the story of the ribs at Morganfield’s, even the biggest ones. The meat is tender, the flavors are potent but not overwhelming. Looks can be deceiving because you can finish a whole rack—or half, at least!—on your own...and still want more.



Built for family and friends


Morganfield’s is—quite surprisingly—a franchise from Malaysia, where it’s going strong with 10 outlets. It also has branches in Singapore and China. With wood paneling and industrial lighting, the restaurant patterns itself as a casual family joint with a theme that pays tribute to American Blues and soul food.


Think bacon-wrapped meatballs, steaks, fried chicken, and pork chops. Think ribs, Morganfield’s headliner which comes in either baby back or spare. The baby back ribs are imported from Spain (they’re Iberico) so they’re extra special, but either is a meaty thrill. The ribs are baked for three painstaking hours, smoked for another 60 minutes, then grilled and brushed with that tasty barbecue sauce just before service.


Garden Salad (P175)



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Hickory Ribs


Knives are unnecessary and if you can, you might as well take the ribs with your hands (the sink is conveniently a few steps away). They come in four sauces, but the Hickory is delightfully Filipino in its appeal. It’s not too sweet and the meaty flavor still shines through. A favorite is the Peppercorn, which imbibes a distinct splash of pepper flavor in the profile.


The menu is an entire book in itself, but Morganfield’s makes decisions easy by offering cool and comprehensive sampler sets for you, a few friends, or even your small barangay.


All the items in the sampler are available for a la carte


The Ocean Madness (P2,795) is bargain bounty. In this marvelous smorgasbord: tilapia fillets inside crispy beer-infused batter that feels impervious to oil; sliced and buttered corn on a cob that will take you on an imaginary clambake or county fair somewhere; fresh and crunchy shrimp that take so well to the tart and tangy tartar sauce; and a delicious pair of sausages—one deliciously juicy (Herby Hog) and the other explosive (Spicy Devil) and smoky. There’s salad, too, because Morganfield’s doesn’t discriminate among palates (this we say while staring at a sign that says “I didn’t climb my way up the food chain to eat vegetable!").



We must, however, talk about the unassuming corn muffins on the side. You’ll most likely ignore them or pass them on to whoever’s plate isn’t full of bone and sauce. (They’re the lucky ones, mind you.) These muffins will have your taste buds spinning—they’re crusty at the top and moist at the center, with a shade of corn creeping up only enough to matter. There are only three, so don’t fight over them.


300-gram Rib Eye


Morganfield’s is probably one of the few places where steak is relegated to the sidelines, but if you come to this ribs joint looking for anything but ribs, the rib eye (P1,495) is a great bet. Cooked to a soft and tasty medium, it’s moist and flavorful. The fat around the edges detonate like bombs of butter in your mouth. Responsible for this juicy outburst is the merlot butter: it’s a spice-packed number with thyme, sage, rosemary, and parsley. Even the baked potato shines bright in its own right: there’s a good amount of cheese and bacon to make a statement.



Blacked Salmon


The same merlot butter bestows that great herby flavor on the Blacked Salmon (P795), which is cooked to practiced tenderness. It’s flaky, but not dry, and the natural flavors of the fish come through nicely. 


Choose your V-Day adventure.




Volcanic Chocolate Lava Cake


For Valentine’s Day, Morganfield’s is offering either the rib eye or ribs and salmon as a sweet surf ‘n’ turf set, complete with a salad and a luscious molten chocolate cake a la mode (P245) that’s deep and darkly delicious. We have to hand it to Morganfield’s. It aims to be a place for hefty servings and reasonable prices, but they don’t do it just for effect. You will want to eat—and maybe overeat.


Photos by Sasha Lim Uy

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