McDonald's tests Fries-Only restaurant

But not in the Philippines...

McDo Fries


( McDonald's Philippines is busy revising their fried chicken recipe and the look of the signature Burger McDo, but in our humble opinion as diners, they should totally follow the route of McDonald's Australia instead.


Last weekend, folks Down Under tested a special McDonald's pop-up called "Fries With That," dedicated only to the fast-casual chain's popular french fries. According to Seventeen Magazine, the potato batons shared the menu with a library of sauces—peri-peri, cheese, curry, mayonnaise, pesto, gravy, bacon, Parmesan, sweet chili and sour cream, chipotle cheese, and more. 


We're trying not to get our hopes up too much, but should McDonald's Philippines bless us with this starchy benediction, we can imagine a delicious smorgasboard of regular fries, BFF fries, ketchup, Shake Shake Fries, and, of course, the much-loved Twister Fries. They might as well make the sundaes available, too. They work wonderfully as dips. 

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