10 All-Time Favorite Goodies for Potato Lovers

Boiled, mashed, baked...we don't discriminate when it comes to potatoes!


(SPOT.ph) Potatoes are easily one of the few kinds of food that everyone loves. Its versatility is its best quality—you can turn it into fries, mash it, slice it into wedges, boil or even bake it—and we'd devour it in a heartbeat. There's just too many fun ways to enjoy potatoes.

Of course, everyone loves McDonald's french fries, and there are those who can't live without KFC's mashed potatoes, but we're rounding up a few other classic potato snacks that we will always enjoy, from quick-fix options to more fancy takes. Which ones are your favorites?



Fireside by Kettle's Truffled Potato Chips (P199)

It's difficult to find potato chips that aren't too salty—but Fireside nailed it with their Truffled Potato Chips. Thin, crunchy, and light, these chips are drizzled with bleu cheese sauce, topped with green onions. You'll finish it without even noticing. 




Yellow Cab's Baked Potato Wedges (P110)

Yellow Cab may be known for their pizza, but their Baked Potato Wedges are scene-stealers as well. Baked to perfection, these wedges are lip-smacking snacks that are made even more scrumptious with the garlic ranch dip.



Army Navy's Freedom Fries (P85)

This one's a no-brainer. We love Army Navy—from their quesadillas to their signature Libertea—everything is spice-infused and delectable, but their Freedom Fries take center stage. The hotness level is mild, but the distinct seasoning and thin slices make us keep reaching for more.


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Wendy's Baked Potatoes (P49)

The Baked Potatoes at Wendy's combines three of our favorite food: potatoes, cheese, and bacon. Wendy's Baked Potatoes are, well...baked, drizzled with melted cheese and topped with bacon bits, then served steaming hot. There's no need for fuss and fanfare here: the comforting flavors straight from our childhood speak for themselves.



Shakey's Basket of Mojos (P259)

It's almost a sin to dine at Shakey's and not order a basket of mojos. A subtle mix of spices—those thin slices of deep-fried potatoes are addicting. Whether paired with chicken, special dips, or even eaten on its own, we just can't get enough.




The Cake Club's Truffle Fries (P210)

If you haven't tried The Cake Club's Truffle Fries yet, you're seriously missing out. It's simplicity is what makes it taste so good, considering it only has crisp potatoes, truffle oil, and sea salt flakes. It's good to pair with ketchup, but honestly, the fries don't need it. It's exceptional even on its own.



Cibo's Patatine Fritte 

No trip to Cibo is complete without a side of their Patatine Fritte ak.a. potato chips. These chips are simple, home-fried, and good on their own, but its the garlic-mayonnaise dip that makes them so addicting. 




8 Cuts' Skinny Fries (P55)

If 8 Cuts is known for anything other that their burgers, it's probably for their Skinny Fries. Thin, classic, and fried with an extra layer of crispy batter—these fries are delicious and addicting enough to make you want to keep coming back. It's currently No. 6 on SPOT.ph's Top 10 Non Fast Food Restaurant Fries in Manila (2016 Edition)



Mom and Tina's Shepherd's Pie (P195)

Mom and Tina's a haven for those who seek comfort. Their signature is the Shepherd's Pie—a pot-pie filled with ground beef, mushrooms, and the creamiest mashed potato. We promise, it's worth every carb.




Potato Corner's Fries (P48/Large, P79/Jumbo, P99/Mega, P169/Giga, P199/Tera)

Who doesn't love Potato Corner? Their fries are flavorful, soft, and seasoned to perfection, so whether you opt for the cheese, barbecue, or sour cream, you won't be able to stop reaching for more! There's just no losing with Potato Corner.  


Photos from Shakey's, Wendy's McDonald's, KFC, Yellow Cab, Power Plant Mall (Truffled Potato Chips), Army Navy, Potato Corner, and SPOT.ph archives.

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