This restaurant serves a mean Brownie Burger

You can also look forward to flavorful brisket and perfectly cooked salmon at Flatiron 1771.

Flatiron 1771
G/F Uptown Place Mall, 9th Avenue corner 36th Street, Uptown Bonifacio
Contact: 0917-854-4540
Open daily from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.




( When the 1771 group decided to open an American comfort food concept, all executive chef Vicky Pacheco had to do was go through her archive. "I have so many recipes stashed away that do not fit into Chateau (French or fine dining) and Sentro (Filipino)," the industry veteran shares. "So I'm really excited that I can finally use them in Flatiron."



Although it's easy to associate Flatiron with the iconic Manhattan building, the restaurant is actually named after the hardy skillets used in western kitchens to cook pretty much everything. Bright and airy, it has the bones of a family friendly restaurant, but the moderate wine selection says that it can easily be a venue for date nights, too.


Pomelo Orzo Salad



Manhattan Seafood Chowder


Comfort food these days doesn’t need to be heavy and rich, and Chef Vicky is fully aware of that. "Even in our other restaurants, people are always looking for vegetarian and fish dishes," she confesses. The Pomelo Orzo Salad (P300) is hearty—with carbs from the rice-shaped pasta and generous shavings of parmesan, packed with flavor from the zingy Mediterranean dressing and that squeeze of roasted lemon. Warming you up these rainy evenings is the Manhattan Seafood Chowder (P290)—the fish chunks, clams, and bacon in tomato chowder sopped up with a crusty piece of bread is a great light-dinner option.





The legitimacy of an American food joint lies squarely on the shoulders of its burger (P525), and Flatiron serves a classic one with all the proper components. The soft, slightly toasted potato bun is there; so are the grilled tomato and onion, dill pickle and fries. A quick splash in herb butter is the only fancy twist Chef Vicky allowed, and provides just enough personality to make it their signature burger.


Brisket 6



Salmon with Miso Glaze


However, the star of Flatiron's menu is their Brisket 6 (P850)—tender U.S. beef brisket slow-cooked for six hours and served with red rice sautéed in its flavorful juices and a cucumber-carrot slaw. The meat is cooked until easily flaked with a fork, the sweetish glaze making it the easy crowd favorite and something the entire family will enjoy. Pescatarians need not be the minority here: The Salmon with Miso Glaze (P575), fish broiled just until flaky with a side of buttered rice, is every bit a scene-stealer.


Intense Brownie Burger


As in 1771's café, Flatiron always has a selection of cakes and pastries to choose from to properly cap your meal, and a meal at Flatiron without the Intense Brownie Burger (P560) is an opportunity missed. The Swiss chocolate fudge brownie, a bestseller in the restaurant group's cafe, is already heavenly on its own. With a drizzling of chocolate mocha sauce and toffee sauce, coffee ice cream, aloft a sea of slightly salty cream cheese sauce, it's a dessert that all chocolate lovers must have at least once. And we're almost sure it will not be your (and three other friends’) final encounter.



Photos by Hans Fausto

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