New Restaurant Alert: Denny’s at Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio

The famous American diner is now in Manila.

9th Avenue corner 38th Street, Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio
Contact: 772-3371
Open 24 hours




( "You can't go wrong with Denny's," says Jam Olaes, who is, as Director of Operations, virtually the man of the hour now that the ubiquitous U.S. chain has found its way to Philippine shores. "It's for people from different walks of life."




He's right, and you can feel it even in the interiors; from the excellent lighting and warm colors that couldn't assault the eyes if they tried, to the nuances of the patterned ceiling tiles and wall art of some local scenery, it's difficult not to feel at home. There is a hint of the '50s diner thrust into the new millennium, in the best way possible. Under the sign inside that blazes, "Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Late Nite", is the almost-comforting hustle and bustle of the kitchen, where Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood and his team seem to make all your vintage diner dreams come to life.

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Full disclosure and fair warning: Most, if not all of these things are best shared. Unless, of course, you fully intend to take some home. The resurgence of craving the same thing a few hours later is definitely guaranteed.


Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad


For a healthy starter—regardless of whether you swing that way or not—check out the Chicken Cranberry Apple Salad (P395), which wakes up your taste buds with a mix of classic flavors and contrasting textures. The snicker-snack of crisp apple against tender chicken, the food-commercial-worthy crunch of walnuts, and the harmonious, sweet-tart partnership of dried cranberries and balsamic-honey dressing...why are you still sitting there? You should be ordering. Probably with the Lemonade (P135) for an extra refreshing kick.


The Ham and Cheese Omelette (P375) is a must, even for picky eaters. Maybe especially for picky eaters. It's all light egg, gooey cheese, and ham you can sink your teeth into—everything that something with this moniker should be.



Original Gland Slam



Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancakes Plate


It wouldn't be Denny's without pancakes, would it? The buttermilk makes them extra-fluffy. In the myriad from which you can choose, the Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancakes Plate (P395) is tops in terms of indulgence. The challenge here is to only have it once in a while; good luck.



Then, of course, is the thing that makes Denny's in the Philippines stand out from all the rest—the local breakfast favorites. The Crispy Bangus Belly (P375) comes with the works—vinegar, sinangag, and the obligatory fried egg. Have it with coffee, (P55) or any of their amazing juices—the Apple Ginger (P135) is recommended—and you're a champion.


Sausage and Pepper




Spicy Sriracha Burger


Finally, the Chicken Philly Melt (P375) is the stuff of cheesy fantasy. Yes, that word was necessary. The fries that accompany this as well as most of their other dishes do that perfect crunchy-on-the-outside, airy-on-the-inside thing that, no matter how many tutorials you watch, you just can't seem to get at home. Thankfully, there's Denny's.



There's just the one branch for now, but best keep your eyes peeled for the second to pop up in the very, very near future.


Denny's opens on Friday, October 7. Bistro Card holders may avail of a 40% discount at the opening, from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Photos by Jericho San Miguel

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