Top 10 Picks From Yummy's 50 Favorite Desserts for 2016

Check out 10 of the best from Yummy magazine's annual sweets list.


( Our friends over at Yummy recently released their annual list of favorite desserts, and we couldn't help but sample which ones made it this year! Here are 10 of their top picks from this year's edition:



Not Just Cheesecake's Berry Cheesecake (Price available upon request)

Not Just Cheesecakes's Berry Cheesecake is loaded with strawberry and blueberry toppings, just the way any relentless dessert lover wants. Their thoughtfulness shines on the delightful cream-filled middle portion of the cake!




Flour Jar’s The Bruce Bogtrotter Cake (P1,600/eight-inch)

This cake will bring back a ton of delicious childhood memories. The base is moist and granular, each layer frosted with chocolate fudge, the monotony broken by a surprising sweet and salty caramel kick.



Don Papa's Tablea Brownies (P595/box with bitters, P495/box)

Rum in brownies? Why not? Don Papa's makes their Tablea Brownies with a bit of booze to amp up the already intense flavor of dark chocolate for an irriesistibly dense treat.


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Tochi's Cookies' Macadamia Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies (P250/five pieces)

The surface may be crackly, but these cookies are rich, moist, and nutty, punctuated by flakes of sea salt sprinkled on top.



Bananarama's Caramel Spice Banana Pudding (P395/jar)

This velvety-smooth pudding is packed with sweetness, spice, lipsmacking banana caramel custard, and layers of crumbly biscuits.




Paper Moon Café's Ube Crepe Cake (P2,000/10-inch cake)

No surprises here! After all, we've already talked about the Ube Mille Crepe Cake from Paper Moon Cafe. It's layers upon layers of paper-thin crepes, macapuno glaze, and generous helpings ube chiffon crumbs that are as light as air. Amazingly, each bite melts in your mouth in the most addictive way.



Wildflour Café + Bakery's Coconut Pie (P1,560/nine-inch pie)

Don't let its appearance fool you; slice this pie open and you'll find that it's brimming with fresh coconut flesh and custard. The crust—light with salty notes here and there—is easily breakable, making it a breeze to slice into. It's finished off with chunks of pastry rubbles sprinkled on top.




Sonja's Cupcakes' Filled Doughnuts (P60 to P75)

Sonja should put doughnuts somewhere in their name, too. Theirs is stripped of tricks and other mumbo jumbo; each piece plump and packed with an assortment of custard cream fillings.



Roshan's Parmesan Yema Torte (P1,850/nine-inch cake)

Those with a sweet tooth will delight in Roshan's take on yema cake. The luscious filling doesn't overwhelm, but leaves you longing for more. The Parmesan cheese brings a welcome salty punch.




Clare's Craft's Sweet Corn and Berries Ice Cream (P360/pint)

It's times like these when we're reminded that some classics are classics for a reason—like ice cream for dessert. In Clare's Craft's Sweet Corn and Berries, the sweetness of the corn and the tanginess of the berries blend faultlessly into an exceptional treat. 


Yummy's 50 Favorite Desserts is in their October issue, now in newsstands.

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