This pop-up event combines cocktails, food, art, and more

Prohibited by Serbesa MNL is happening on November 26.


( The idea of a “pop-up” has been pushed from event to store to restaurant, so why not extend the idea further into the culinary scene? Prohibited is a concept that combines a pop-up masquerade event and a seven course degustation with excellent cocktail pairings, carefully crafted by the head honcho of Serbesa MNL, Jazelle Carandang.





Set on Saturday night of November 26 at Artelano 11, a heritage house tucked away in the bustling city of Pasay, Prohibited revolves around a New York 1920s theme. Diners will be surrounded by art installations, as well as contemporary and repurposed artwork and furniture pieces curated by interior designer and Artelano owner Eric Paras. To ensure guests enjoy the intimate occasion in the speakeasy location, Prohibited is a limited seating event that requires prior reservations. Here’s a glimpse of this gastronomic feast.





Plato Medio

Consisting of a hummus and roasted eggplant puree dip, this light appetizer includes toasted flour taco wraps for dipping. The green olives on this platter are a tastier treat when mixed in with the dips.



Pink Panther

Inspired by the theme of “Pink Panther,” this cool-me-down cocktail refreshes with four seasons, and has a mingling sensation of sour and bitter from the dry white wine, calamansi syrup and the infused white rum of cilantro, mint, and kamias.






Squash and Jalapeño Poppers


These poppers of squash blossom filled with kesong puti, mozzarella, cream cheese, and jalapeño bits are encased in crunchy breading deep fried to perfection. Every explosive bite pairs well with the drink.



The Prince of Peach

Smooth yet snazzy at the same time, this cocktail pays tribute to Prince and his song “Peach.” It is composed of vodka, rosemary and black tea syrup, four seasons, and dry white wine garnished with black tea leaves.






Cerdo Tostada

This pork belly confit dish is simmered in olive oil for three hours with lime, parsley, and cinnamon, then toasted until it becomes crispy. It's served with spiced pear chutney, crispy kamote chips, paprika, and a habanero lime glaze.



Golden Age

This cocktail was fashioned straight from Jazelle’s dream, which has edible gold glitter for a magical effect blended with vodka, mango juice, rosemary and tea syrup, peach juice, and cinnamon nutmeg syrup. Truly a saccharine pleasure to behold.







The Picarones is a Peruvian inspired doughnut made with orange sweet potato and roasted bananas. It is spruced up with calamansi glaze and spiced chocolate syrup. These mini-doughnuts are small but thoroughly filling.



Posh Spice

Accompanying the dessert is this wonderfully spiced rum with cinnamon nutmeg syrup, apple juice, and egg whites garnished with apple slices, cinnamon bark, and star anise. It will hit you hard, as its unwittingly disguised as a cheerful holiday drink.



Other course surprises include the drink Purple Rain (with an ube liqueur base) and a Tuna Tataki with cilantro dragonfruit salsa and ponzu glaze.


Jazelle sums up Serbesa’s taste profile as “mutant” but prefers not to be confined in a box. She expounds, “My mind has the imagination of a four-year-old so it basically comes up with weird stuff for menus and cocktails. If I constrict myself with a certain cuisine or flavor, I don’t think I would have been able to create what I have created.”


Prohibited: A 1920's Masquerade Degustation Event is happening on November 26, Saturday, at Artelano 11, 2680 FB Harrison Street, Pasay City. Rate is P1,800 for seven courses and free-flowing cocktails. For reservations, contact Serbesa MNL at 0916-636-8238, e-mail, or log on to Serbesa MNL's Facebook page.


Photos by Jericho San Miguel

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