New Restaurant Alert: Shaburi Japanese Shabu-Shabu at Uptown Mall, Uptown Bonifacio

Prepare for a hotpot feast!

Shaburi Japanese Shabu-Shabu
4/F Uptown Mall, Uptown Bonifacio
Contact: 978-2481, 805-2932, 0917-708-3930
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.




( Nothing spells “comfort food” more than a fragrant pot of steaming hot broth where you can cook your own selection of meat and vegetables. Simple, delicious, healthythis is the delectable tone set once you enter the first Shaburi branch here in Manila. Your taste buds are tempted by the sight of a long and appetizing table filled with healthy vegetables like bok choy, lettuce, plump tomatoes, spinach, Chinese cabbage, onion leeks, and four kinds of mushroom that are kept beautifully fresh and crisp with a mist machine imported from Japan.





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Shaburi Japanese Shabu-Shabu offers unlimited meat plates, including the famous Japanese Wagyu beef. The buffet prices include unlimited forays for freshly made and tasty appetizers, two types of special rice, drinks, and dessert. The first level is the Regular Shabu (P599) which includes two items, the Tasty Beef and Tender Pork. Special Shabu (P889) is Regular Shabu but with Special Beef. Things get more interesting and delectable with the next meat plate, the Shaburi Wagyu (P1,349) which has the three meat items and unlimited black label Shaburi Wagyu. And for the true meat connoisseurs who want it all, there is also the Special Wagyu (P1,699) with all the previous meat plates mentioned, plus gold label Special Wagyu. There is a 90-minute window for the serving of your unlimited meat plate of choice, which is more than enough time to enjoy your carnivorous fill in your personal soup pot. All the meat served on the individual plates is sliced perfectly thin, to be cooked and enjoyed by delicately weaving the meat using your chopsticks into your chosen hot broth.









After choosing your meat plate, the next step is choosing from the five kinds of soup for your personal shabu-shabu pot. The broth selection includes the Original Konbu, which is perfect for first-timers because of its comforting and tasty flavor. The Sukiyaki has the perfect balance of sweet and umami, and comes with an egg to amp up the flavor. The creamy Soy Milk Miso is the deliciously healthy alternative for fitness-conscious customers. The Chicken Collagen Paitan is a luxuriously-flavored chicken broth that takes 18 hours to prepare. And the Shaburi-recommended Hot Miso with the most fragrant smell among all the five broth selections, with a delicious spicy flavor that will drive away anything that ails you and make everything all right again in the world. 






There are three dipping sauces that go hand-in-hand with your chosen flavors for your shabu-shabu pot. The Original Shabu-Shabu Sauce that is sweet but savory with green apple, onions, garlic and white sesame, the Creamy Sesame Sauce with roasted sesame, crushed almonds and soy milk, and the traditional Japanese sauce Ponzu with soy sauce and natural lemon juice. Readily available on the condiments table are also freshly-made garnishes like ginger, sambal chili sauce, white sesame seeds, garlic, and chopped onion leeks that help to customize your sauce to your liking






After choosing your meat plate selection and the broth of your choice for your personal soup pot, proceed to the buffet table and try some Shaburi appetizers like the Carbonara Udon, which uses only healthy Omega-3-rich eggs, traditional Karaage or Japanese Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Tempura, Chicken Wings and even assorted Sushi Rolls with Ebi Tempura, Beef and Tuna.






Two notable highlights for the side dishes at Shaburi are the amazingly tasty and addicting Wagyu Rice which has a rich, beefy, slightly peppery taste that goes so well with any shabu-shabu pot concoction, and the Gyudon on Japanese Steamed Rice that could easily be half your meal already.


The shabu-shabu combinations that you can concoct at Shaburi are endless, and witith a relaxed and welcoming vibe, Shaburi brings to life on your table, in your own soup pot, your own personal choose-your-own-taste-adventure.


Photos by Reg Hernandez


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