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Dohtonbori now has fried ramen

The okonomiyaki restaurant shakes up their menu with some new items

2/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.




( Dohtonbori in Japan is known for releasing menus that match the season: spicier meals for winter for example, and cooler treats for the summer. While tropical Philippines doesn’t have four seasons, the local Dohtonbori team decided to do something similar by shaking up their menu with new items every year or so.





This November, to celebrate the opening of their third branch in SM Mall of Asia, Dohtonbori is introducing new kinds of okonomiyaki, as well as other Japanese dishes that will surely be crowd-pleasers.


Juicy Hamburg steak is mixed together with the okonomiyaki batter.



Cheese sauce is poured over the okonomiyaki.



Hamburg Cheese Steak Okonomiyaki


Filipinos, says Kim, love meat, and we couldn’t agree more. But the Hamburg Cheese Steak Okonomiyaki (P360) will please cheese lovers, too. A thick and juicy Hamburg steak is folded into the rich egg mixture with vegetables and even more meat. Once the pancake has been cooked perfectly, cheese sauce is poured all over it. This is best eaten fresh off the griddle, so you can really appreciate that melting, sizzling cheese.


Sirloin Tonpei Steak


Another meaty item is the Sirloin Tonpei Steak (P390), Dohtonbori’s version of the Tonpei-yaki. The Tonpei-yaki is comfort food from Kansai, and while it is usually made with sliced pork, here at Dohtonbori, they use a thick cut of steak which is then cooked inside an egg-and-vegetable batter. The medium-rare meat is a delightful surprise inside the omelet and even more of a treat to eat.



Pork Stamina-don


Those who prefer something more filling won’t be disappointed with Pork Stamina-don (P290). According to Rey Kurashima, business manager of Dohtonbori Japan, the word “stamina” actually means something different for the Japanese. Stamina, when used to describe food, means a strong, powerful flavor. You will immediately get what he means once you have a bite of the pork which has a strong garlic and peppery flavor that complements the meat. It’s best to eat this bowl mixed with the rice and the runny egg yolk to give your palate the full experience (though you can also opt to have it without the egg).


Familiar ramen ingredients



Tonkotsu Yaki Ramen


A new take on a well-known Japanese dish is the Tonkotsu Yaki Ramen (P290) or ramen cooked on a griddle, Hakata-style. The usual ramen elements are there: the noodles, vegetables, nori, and pork, and even a little of the tonkotsu broth which thickens into a sauce that coats the noodles once cooked. The result is a meal that tastes both familiar and novel.


Dohtonbori has always made our dining experience exciting with Japanese dishes that go beyond the usual sushi and tempura, and these new menu items are definitely something new for everyone to enjoy. And with Kim promising more changes lined up in the future, there's always more reason to come back.


Photos by Hans Fausto


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