Osaka Ohsho now has Truffle Gyoza

...and more new must-try dishes like Ohsho Tacos!

Osaka Ohsho
3/F Mega Fashion Hall, Mandaluyong City
Contact: 631-7494
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.


G/F The Block, SM North EDSA, Quezon City
Contact: 0917-828-5011
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.




( Osaka Ohsho is celebrating their third year in the Philippines come February 2017. The "world's number one gyoza" kicked off the festivities on December 20 by introducing new and exciting dishes on the menu.





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The restaurant’s history dates back to 1969 when it started as a gyoza stand in Osaka, Japan. Now with 400 locations worldwide, Osaka Ohsho carries on its tradition of serving specialty gyoza by coming up with creative cravings that are unique to their locales. These fusions lend new flavors to their world famous gyoza meat.


While the Original Gyoza (P220/six pieces, P395/12 pieces) is consistently on the top of people’s lists as one of the best, it is the Bacon and Cheese Gyoza (P240/six pieces, P480/12 pieces) that has been the best-seller among their customers. Soon, regulars clamored for more of these fab fusion delicious dumplings, hence the new menu items.


Marketing Manager Angelo Hongo excitedly takes us through a few of their 19 new fusion offerings. The new theme of Osaka Ohsho goes along the lines of Young, Hip, and Sexy. Another fresh innovation, explains Angelo, is the way these gyozas are plated. Instead of the traditional Japanese style where the potstickers are simply laid out in a row, they have adopted an "in and outside" plating where elements of the stuffing are sprinkled over the dumpling, rendering a modern vibe to the dish.



Ohsho Tacos


To whet your appetite, the Ohsho Tacos (P220) are a playful execution of what Osaka Ohsho is famous for. It is a ‘deconstructed gyoza’ in the sense that what would normally be the stuffing, is laid out as toppings on the house-made gyoza skin that is fried crispy flat. The delicious gyoza meat is sprinkled with nori sheets and pickles and scallions, then drizzled with black vinegar glaze. It lightly sets you up for what’s to come.



Chori Gyoza


If you love gyoza and chorizo then the Chori Gyoza (P360) is a must-try. It's what a Japanse-Spanish fusion should taste like. It could be the Japanese version of a pintxo or the Spanish finger-food. Melding real Spanish chorizos with their original gyoza—what results is something that's muy delicioso.


Truffle Gyoza


And then there is the Truffle Gyoza (P280/six pieces, P560/12 pieces). Another must-try, this super special gyoza is a flavorful burst of diced mushrooms, truffle oil, scallions, nori sheets, white sesame seeds, Parmesan cheese, and laced with their secret sauce and glaze that is made from scratch. We could eat this every day. And night.



Chicken Truffle Yaki


Now, should your appetite be of the epic kind, the Chicken Truffle Yaki (P350) will surely satisfy you. Consider a perfectly grilled chicken breast, stuffed with Japanese rice, seasoned and flavored with truffle oil, black and white sesame seeds, chili threads, and a side of micro greens. It may look light visually, but it fills. The skin is crisp and the sweet umami flavor will put a smile on your face.


Ebi Thermidor Tempura




A peek at the sauce hidden inside the batter


If you are a big tempura fan, then look no further. The Ebi Thermidor Tempura (P495) is their take on the French recipe that is rich in flavor but, surprisingly, quite delicate. The sauce, made with cream, carrots, sesame seeds, and bell peppers, is cleverly hidden inside the batter of the tempura then topped with micro greens and tobiko. As you cut into the prawn, the thermidor sauce oozes out. Voila, flavor!


Salmon Cheese Aburi


Another seafood surprise is the Salmon Cheese Aburi (P495). Aburi refers to grilling sushi on top, usually, as in this case, with a blowtorch. The salmon fillet is grilled with the skin on then topped with Japanese mayo and Parmesan cheese. The cheese is blowtorched to a perfect crunch then teriyaki sauce is added. It is served with a side of micro greens and matcha mayonnaise. The salmon is perfectly grilled and the teriyaki sauce balances out the Parmesan and the matcha. 



Matcha Butter Tonkatsu


A good tonkatsu is considered comfort food. And the Matcha Butter Tonkatsu (P350) has delightfully seasoned batter on a juicy pork chop, deep fried to golden and a generous filling of matcha butter and miso sauce. Consider yourself comforted.


Truffle Cream Chicken


Still committed to the truffle, the Truffle Cream Chicken (P360) is a versatile dish. This sauce is made of cream, butter, truffle oil, furitake sheets, scallions, and bonito flakes. It is then cooked with a juicy chicken fillet with the skin on, grilled crispy. This one definitely makes the grade with a sauce that is an explosion of texture and flavor. You could add pasta to this and chow your way to food-coma land.



Gyoza Tantanmien


Finally, say hello to the Gyoza Tantanmien (P329). With the current cutthroat competition of ramen houses in the country, this dish definitely will hold its own in any ramen challenge. The broth is made from sesame and peanuts, then garnished with soft egg noodles, the Original Gyoza, additional shredded gyoza meat, scallions, furitake sheets, nori sheets, the Japanese spices dashi and togorashi, and finally, fried noodles for that extra crunch. Yes, this is a full meal. And what a satisfying meal it is.


Photos by Majoy Siason

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