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Hurray! These gummy bears are made with pink guava and malunggay

Homegrown brand Honest Junk has yummy cookies too!


( It's the new year, and if your goal is to stay away from junk food, we wish you the best of luck—there's nothing more difficult than resisting the urge to snack on potato chips or candy, especially when the deadly combination of hunger and laziness strikes. (Believe us, we've been there!) But, rather than going cold turkey, why not compromise with snacks that will satisfy those cravings, with the added bonus of being good for you, too. 


Check out Honest Junk's IG-worthy packaging!


Honest Junk's holiday bags were cheery and gift-ready


Super Gummies in Pink Guava Strawberry + Malunggay


Well, snack fiends, Honest Junk is here to save the day. The proudly homegrown brand uses locally sourced fruits like calamansi, mangosteen, guava, and strawberries to create Super Gummies (P65/100 grams), which look and taste like your favorite gummy bears, except these are made using natural fruit juice. That means you get a dose of vitamin C and antioxidants while you munch away. How cool is that? 


If you're more of a cookie person, Honest Junk also has Zooper Cookies (P85/200 grams). Not only do these cookies come in super-cute animal shapes, they're also made with super foods like chia seeds, coconut sugar and oil, green tea, and malunggay. Both Super Gummies and Zooper Cookies are dairy-free, gluten-free, fat-free, nut-free, and low in sugar.


Honestly, we'd eat this "junk" anytime.


For more information, log on to the Honest Junk Facebook page.

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