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Will your Valentine's Day be as cheesy as this Cheetos ice cream?

Valentine's Day flavors from Sebastian's Ice Cream are back.


( Sebastian's Ice Cream first launched their Valentine's Day series in 2014, and since then, we've always anticipated the flavors they'd unveil come February. You might not have an actual matinong boyfriend or girlfriend, but with these ice cream flavors, you'll hardly notice.



The Matinong Girlfriend this year is deliciously cheesy, with rich cheese ice cream loaded with crunchy Cheetos for a fun twist on a classic. Like all the best girlfriends (or girl friends), this will put a smile on your face.



The Matinong Boyfriend on the other hand is dark and sensual, but with a hint of sweetness, like your ideal man. It's made with bittersweet chocolate ice cream, raspberry swirl, and a hint of rhum.



Just like your ex who refuses to let you go, Sebastian's Unresolved Issues is back. The boldly flavored ice cream is made from ampalaya sorbet with candied ampalaya. That's definitely as bitter as your feelings.



Closure is also back, now made with a passionfruit base, steeped in black tea leaves and fresh dayap peel overnight for a refreshing citrusy flavor. Your heart will feel as light as this flavor when you finally get that closure you deserve.


Sebastian's Valentine's Day Ice Cream Collection is available starting today, February 1, at all three of their branches: SM Mall of Asia, Podium, and Regis Center. For more information, log on to Sebastian's Ice Cream's Facebook page.

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