10 Amazing Sandwiches to Try Right Now

Go beyond the usual peanut butter and jelly.


(SPOT.ph) Always on the go? Sandwiches are a good way to get a filling meal even when you’re pressed for time. They’ve gone a long way from the usual peanut butter and jelly or tuna sandwich. Read on as we round up 10 amazing sandwiches you need to try right now.



Common Folk’s Ham and Cheese Cubano (P260)

Common Folk’s sandwiches are brimming with fillings and packed with flavor, and their Cubano is no exception. This take on the classic Cuban ham and cheese sandwich is tangier, with ham, cheese, pickles, and honey mustard stuffed between toasted crusty bread.


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Salted Egg Lava Chicken Sandwich (P290) from Birdhouse

If you’re crazy for salted egg, then Birdhouse’s Salted Egg Lava Chicken Sandwich is a must. The chicken fillet is perfectly seasoned and fried, with indulgent golden salted egg sauce that oozes out just from the first bite. The briny flavor from the squid ink-infused buns adds depth to the sandwich, making this unlike any other salted egg flavored treat you’ve had.


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Stockwell Café + Lounge’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (P235)

Stockwell Café’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is, as owner Sherwin Choi puts it, “deconstructed then reconstructed Buffalo chicken wings." You get the chicken, fried until golden brown then slathered with traditional spicy wings sauce. There's also the coleslaw, which is cool and mildly sweet to balance out the heat, all sandwiched between panini-toasted bread.


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Fundamental Coffee’s Seared Tuna Avocado (P295)

If you've never had tuna and avocado together in a sandwich, then Fundamental Coffee's Seared Tuna Avocado is a great introduction. Fresh tuna and creamy avocado make for a surprisingly good blend, coming together for a rich and tasty filling that goes well with the soft bread and a side of potato crisps.


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Cartel Coffee + Deli’s Italiano (P290)

At Cartel, dishes are presented with zero frills as Chef Amado Fernandez prefers to let good quality ingredients speak for themselves. The results are casually sophisticated and simply delicious. A good example is the Italiano. This sandwich looks deceptively simple, but the symphony of flavors from the salty salami, creamy cheese, and spicy arugula makes it a winner.


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Chicken Parm (P250) from Bucky's

The Chicken Parm fillet at Bucky's is so hefty, it’s ready to burst out of its ciabatta casing. The generous layers of mozzarella and marinara sauce keep the sandwich moist and flavorful, and is perfectly proportioned so they don’t overwhelm your palate (and leave a mess on your lap). 


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Main Street's Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger (P260)

Main Street’s buttermilk fried chicken is always a winner, whether it’s paired with rice or wedged between two thick buns. The Spicy Buttermilk Fried Chicken burger has a crisp chicken fillet with a flavor reminiscent of buffalo wings, slathered with zesty mayonnaise and lettuce. This sandwich goes perfectly with the side of thick-cut fries.



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Tilde Handcraft Café’s Kimchee Reuben (P350)

Tilde’s take on the classic Reuben sandwich is an unforgettable explosion of flavors. The bold savory flavor of their house-cured corned beef is elevated by the distinct tang of kimchi and balanced out with the sweetness of sliced pears.


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Tenant Manila’s Spicy Tuna Sandwich (P250)

To match their minimal yet hip interiors, Tenant Manila’s Spicy Tuna Sandwich is without any unnecessary additions. Despite that, it looks picture-perfect. This sandwich has tuna, spiced mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes between lightly toasted baguette slices.


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Caravan Black’s Breakfast Sandwich (P250)

A good breakfast sandwich is guaranteed to make anyone’s morning. Caravan Black’s version has a thick and juicy bacon steak, ham, and egg, drizzled with country sausage gravy and stuffed between two homemade buttermilk English biscuits. While we can’t guarantee you can devour this sandwich without making a mess, at least your day will be off to a tasty start.


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