10 Online Groceries for Your Shopping Needs

For the days when you just can't.


(SPOT.ph) From paying phone bills to booking appointments online, we are in that day and age where technology is flawlessly integrated into our lives. Now, grabbing your produce and household staples can also be done with just a click of a button, saving yourself from the hassle of long supermarket lines and basically the chore of doing weekly grocery-shopping. Here's a rundown of local online groceries that you can bookmark and use whenever the thought of leaving the house is just too much.






Going to the marketplace has never been easier. With its clean and simple user interface, Marketa is your new go-to if you’re on the hunt for some uncommon goodies. The online grocery highlights items produced by local micro, small, and medium enterprises to help them build a name for themselves and increase revenue beyond having a physical store. Jacob’s Peanut Praline Butter and Chili Asylum’s Chili Chutney are only two examples of this online shop's great finds.



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Grocery Delivery by WalterMart



WalterMart has been around since most of us can remember but their online arm is something many people don’t know about. Like its brick-and-mortar store, Grocery Delivery by WalterMart sells supermarket items including fresh produce, frozen meat, as well as imported snacks. The website is just how we want our grocery shopping to be—straightforward and uncomplicated.







Perhaps the best thing about MetroMart is that customers can order items from various stores and get them all at the same time. Some of the big names that MetroMart has partnered with are FamilyMart, Holy Carabao, Kitayama Meatshop, Deli Quality Gourmet Products, Assi Fresh Plaza, and even SM Supermarket.



The Green Grocer



A home delivery service that provides fresh organic produce, grass-fed meats, and free-range eggs, among others, The Green Grocer is your bet if you want to stick to your diet. There's minimal temptation from sinful snack items that always seem to call you at the supermarket. From organic gluten-free chicken popcorn to all-natural couscous as well as vegan and vegetarian munchies, The Green Grocer has you covered. You’re welcome.




My Tindahan



If you're a little intimidated at thought of going to the wet market, My Tindahan may just be the right option for you. This online grocery delivers your choice of vegetables and meats by the kilo. Apart from that, My Tindahan also sells non-food items like gadgets, kiddie clothes, as well as flower bouquets!



Down to Earth



Down to Earth is an online haven for naturally grown food by local farmers. Most, if not all, of its products are grown sustainably and pesticide-free. Not only that, it also champions biodynamic agriculture, which is known as one of the most sustainable forms of farming. Some of its standout grocery items include edible flowers, Tuscan kale, grass-fed beef broth, and preservative-free ketchup.








Apart from everyday grocery essentials, Citybagger jumps on the healthy bandwagon by offering a more wholesome selection that includes organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO food items. The website also delivers imported goodies as well as premium steaks and ready-to-eat dishes.






Lococo is a one-stop shop for natural food and lifestyle products. This newcomer carries well-loved Filipino brands such as Take Root, Traydor Hot Sauce, Comer Y Comic, and Made by Max. With the goal of promoting healthier eating for as many Filipinos as possible, Lococo is currently offering free shipping to anywhere in the Philippines. 




The Healthy Grocery



The Healthy Grocery is here to provide only the heartiest and rawest kinds of edibles there are, such as chia seeds, raw cacao nibs, raw spirulina, organic golden quinoa—you get the drill. Their food selection is limited, but the lack of quantity is balanced by each item’s topnotch quality.



The Superfood Grocer



Whenever you feel your pantry is in dire need of a facelift, The Superfood Grocer can save the day. The food shopping website showcases many plant-based and nutrient-rich whole foods. Some of the Superfood Essentials include unconventional grocery items like vegan ice cream, organic golden flax seeds, coconut nectar, and even nutritional yeast for all you vegans out there!

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