TRENDING: Manila's Going Nuts Over Rolled Ice Cream

This cool dessert is on a roll.


(SPOT.PH) Walk down the streets of Bangkok and Siem Reap and you'll see stall after stall of sidewalk vendors scrapping a mysterious creamy concoction from a flat steel surface with a paint spatula. It may sound and look odd, but this curious street food is actually ice cream. Yes, you heard it right—ice cream made through pouring its liquid base on a biting cold pan, smoothened out until frozen, and then scrapped to create thin rolls of glorious frozen goodness.


It wasn't long until western countries picked up this trend late in 2015. Now, from food parks to tiny mall kiosks, we're seeing rolled ice cream everywhere in Manila! We've listed below a few names that caught our attention. Let's keep this new craze rolling!



Elait's Strawberry Trifle



Opened only in June 2017, Elait will give a fantastic first impression to rolled ice cream newbies. Their ingredients are locally (and ethically!) sourced to produce only the freshest batches of this freezing delight daily. One of their bestsellers is the Strawberry Trifle, which is made with real strawberries, strawberry yogurt, cream cheese, lady fingers or broas, and a sweet strawberry drizzle. 


Elait is at 2/F Century Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City.


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Mini mallows + crushed Oreo = perfect toppings combo! ???? photo by @madelgmartin

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Rockies Creamery

Another rolled ice cream brand that's hopped on the global bandwagon is Rockies Creamery. Some of their no-fail flavors include Oreo, mango, matcha, and coffee. We're sure their icy treats will send you to pure dairy bliss.

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Rockies Creamery is at 3/F Fisher Mall, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.




Creamco Creamery

Tucked inside Crave Park, a mural-laden food destination in Marikina, Creamco Creamery will be the solution to all your ice cream cravings after you've had your tummy full of food park delights. Their Hazelnut Dreams is a crowd favorite and a beautiful symphony of semi-sweet custard, fresh banana slices, and Nutella.


Creamco Creamery is at Crave Park, Gil Fernando Street, Marikina City.


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Ice Trolls

Ice Trolls joins the rolled ice cream repertoire by offering one-of-a-kind flavors and very witty names. Don't forget to try out their James Ferre Reid, a chocolate lover's dream come true as it's made up of a chocolate cream base and finished off with various choco snacks like Ferrero Rocher and Pocky sticks.


Ice Trolls is at Mayflower Street, Greenfield District Central Park, Mandaluyong City.

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