Top 10 Buffalo Wings in Manila (2017 Edition)

We get down and dirty with the best wings in town.


( These days, when you say Buffalo wings, your craving steers you to different kinds of flavors such as garlic parmesan, honey barbecue, and even Korean-style soy garlic, to name a few. To confuse you further, there are levels of spiciness too, ranging from the sweet-and-mild to the yelling-your-hugot-kind of heat. For this list, we dodged the trappings and went directly to no-frills, straight-up traditional Buffalo-style wings: buttery, zesty, and vinegary. Stripped down to the basics, we got downright dirty with the tastiest that the Metro has to offer.


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10. Sunrise Buckets' Sunrise Original Buffalo Wings (P175)

We practically pawed our way through a half pound of the addictingly tangy Sunrise Original Buffalo Wings. The sourness of the vinegar may seem overpowering, but pair it up with their refreshing sour cream dip and you have a winner in your greasy hands.



See a list of Sunrise Buckets branches.



9. Flaming Wings' Signature Buffalo Wings (P280)

For only P280, you can choose between two flavors for what can be considered two servings of really buttery and crunchy wings. Don’t be put off by the strong vinegary smell of their Signature Buffalo Wings because once you dig into this basket of crispy goodies, the scent will translate into a pleasantly sour flavor that will make your mouth water.


See a list of Flaming Wings branches.


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8. Wingstop’s The Classic Wings (P249)

Along with five pieces of wings, Wingstop also throws in a drink and either rice, fries, or onion rings if you get their individual meal. The Classic Wings’ mild tang of vinegar adds a satisfying kick that would make the alternating consumption of chicken and your chosen side an enjoyably vicious cycle.


See a list of Wingstop branches.



7. New York's Finest at Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things (P299)

With two flavors for their one-pounder, you can say that you’ll leave the place stuffed. People used to high levels of heat may find their New York’s Finest moderately hot, but for some of us, it’s enough to get our noses happily runny. The sauce seeps through the crispy skin, dousing the meat and leaving a tingling, buttery aftertaste with every bite.


See a list of Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things branches.




6. Sweet Buffalo Wings at Charlie’s Grind and Grill (P285)

We ordered a half dozen of their Sweet Buffalo Wings thinking they would be mildly spicy. True to its name, the wings were sweet but it left no hint of spiciness whatsoever. If you want the kick that traditional Buffalo wings have, better opt for their Hot Wings instead. Be warned though, they can pack a deliciously fiery wallop! Wolfing down your order outdoors would definitely make you break out a sweat. Take your wings to an air-conditioned area instead, where you can savor them in all their spicy glory.


See a list of Charlie's Grind and Grill branches.




5. Wicked Wings at Blake’s Wings & Steaks (P225)

Picking the basic Buffalo among the flavors that Blake’s Wicked Wings presents, we got our hands sticky with their saucy, tangy wings. Their vinegary aroma tickled our noses, but the pungent blue cheese dip balanced the sour taste, wonderfully complementing the mix of flavors deep within its tender chicken meat.


See a list of Blake’s Wings & Steaks branches.



4. B.Wings' Classic Medium Buffalo Wings (P150)

Half a dozen of Classic Medium Buffalo wings will give you a juicy, crunchy, and slightly spicy meal with a nice hot cheese undertone. Curiously, the wings also have a slightly sweet, barbecue-ish taste, making them ideal for the Filipino palate. With five to six pieces at only P150, the Buffalo wings at B.Wings are a must for the hungry.


B.Wings is at Loyola Heights Condominium, Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.




3. Buffalo Wild Wings' Traditional Wings (P325)

It only makes sense for a sports bar to have one of the best Buffalo wings in town. Their crispy wings with the classic Buffalo dry seasoning may look deceptively simple, but take a bite and taste the intriguing mix of spicy and buttery flavors that land them squarely on the top three of this list.


See a list of Buffalo Wild Wings branches.




2. Frankie's Classic Buffalo Wings at Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings (P188)

Frankie’s delectable Buffalo wings flutter to second place, but not without a tussle. While famous for their garlic parmesan wings, their Classic Buffalo Wings are also served in adequate portions and are just as tasty, with a slight spicy kick to them. The best part? The buttery jolt that chases after each bite.


See a list of Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings branches.



1. Sweet Ecstasy's Buffalo Wings (P245)

It was pretty close, but Sweet Ecstasy’s Buffalo wings are the clear winner here. Striking the perfect balance between crunchy and juicy, their Buffalo wings are exquisitely cooked and flavored, hitting all the zesty, tangy notes with relish. Proof of its exquisite deliciousness? Even if we were so sick of wings by the time we were halfway done with this list, we still made a U-turn for even more of this burger joint’s sweet, sweet Buffalo wings.



See a list of Sweet Ecstasy branches.


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