Snowbing's Bingsu Is for Times When You Want to Be a Little Extra

If you don't like cold desserts, you will now--and that's snow joke!

4/F Garden Restaurants, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
Open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Monday to Thursday) and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Friday to Sunday)




( Do you hear that? It's the ridiculously early sound of sleigh bells and Jose Mari Chan-Christmas carols gaining intensity as we move through the -Ber months towards December. There is no escape so we might as well embrace it.





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What better way to bring on the early holiday season in a tropical climate than desserts as cold as the Grinch's heart? If so, Snowbing is the place to be.


Capturing the essence of the Korean shaved-ice dessert bingsu, this quaint café serves up some great flavors and subtle twists that make you go from "Um..." to "Mmmm!" in about a second. Paired with a frankly intimidating serving size, there's no way you can ignore them.



Tropical Fruit



Mangoes and Cream


The Tropical Fruit (P168) is so fresh, you could almost fool yourself into thinking it's light. Whatever floats your boat, really. But you're already having dessert; go the whole hog. Mangoes and Cream (P168) is a classic flavor combination with a little something extra. Crushed Biscoff, anyone?



Cheezy Mango


If that isn't extra enough, have your bingsu in Cheezy Mango (P168). Who knew regular old cream cheese could do so much? Dirty ice cream fans and cheesecake lovers can bond over this particular spin. It's that good.



Choco Brownie


For those of you who experience one particularly difficult week out of every month, if you catch our drift, there's a bowl of bingsu in Choco Brownie (P188) waiting for you. Be unapologetic about what you want. Over the course of those few days, it is your inalienable right to have this at least once. No man, mother, or overbearing "tumaba ka ataaunt can take that away from you.



Matcha Green Tea


Who on earth said that matcha had to be subtle? Because the Matcha Green Tea (P188) follows no such rule, not with matcha-flavored shaved ice, green tea KitKat pieces and a sneaky little helping of macapuno and red beans.


Honey Butter


There are times, however, when only carbs will cure your sorrows, and boy, is Snowbing ever prepared to meet that need. With the deceptively plain title of "Toast," these things are easy to overlook—but don't. In Honey Butter (P188) you find all the satisfaction of French toast with the indulgence, almost, of cake, because the slice is so dang thick!



Belgian Chocolate


Order the Belgian Chocolate (P188) and you've got a million reasons to come back. Like all of the Toast desserts, this one has a beautifully crusty outside, soft insides, plus the frankly fantastic toppings of melted chocolate and sugared almonds that will make this an instant favorite. This baby just says "Eat Me!" like an Alice in Wonderland biscuit.


White and Dark Chocolate Toast


The White and Dark Chocolate toast (P188) is, at first glance, just a fancier version of the Belgian Chocolate, with its double glaze of white and dark chocolate forming a beautiful black-and-white pattern. That's at least a little bit true. But nothing's ever just fancier. The seasoned Sweet Tooth in your life will appreciate this.


Whether or not Christmas is truly in your heart at the moment, it could be in your tummy, and the people at Snowbing are ready to put it there.



Photos by Majoy Siason


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