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Do You Remember These Adorable Stuffed Toys from Rustan's Supermarket?

They'll make your next grocery trip more fun.

( Titas and titas-at-heart, we know one of the highlights of your grocery trips at Rustan’s Supermarket back in 2013 was gathering enough stickers so you can get your hands on the Goodness Gang Body Squad. After all, who can resist collecting these adorable fruits and vegetables stuffed toys? In fact, they were so popular that Rustan's had to bring back a new collection, the Goodness Gang Super Foodz edition in 2015! If you were unable to complete your collection back then or just want to add new ones, now’s your chance because Rustan’s is bringing back the Goodness Gang Body Squad until November 30.


Chloe the Cauliflower



Cedrick the Celery



Lizzie the Lemon



Pio the Pineapple



Patricia the Plum



Paulie the Pumpkin



Ringo the Radish



Wally the Watermelon


This year's Body Squad features eight plush toys to choose from: Wally the Watermelon, Chloe the Cauliflower, Cedrick the Celery, Paulie the Pumpkin, Patricia the Plum, Pio the Pineapple, Ringo the Radish, and Lizzie the Lemon. Having them is just as easy as before, too, especially if you love grocery shopping. For every P300 you spend at Rustan’s Supermarket, you earn one sticker. Collect 50 stickers and get any plush veggie for free. You can also collect 25 stickers and buy one for P339. Time to start collecting (and shopping!)


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