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Care for Some Pomelong and Lasting Love?

This local juice brand has quirky flavors like sineguelas, mangosteen, and more!

( There's nothing quite as refreshing as a cold drink of dalandan with some sizzling sisig. Isn't it about time someone made ready-to-drink juices from local fruits beyond mango? Locally (P30.95/bottle, P24.50/can) recently relaunched their all-local all-natural fruit juice line, and they're introducing drinks that are perfect if you're feeling adventurous. 




Locally's new line comes in cute packaging and punny names—we're sure they'll have a spot or two on your next IG stories. Plus, they're commited to using only local fruits in their drinks, and supporting local farming communities in the process, so in a way, you're also giving back. Their current lineup includes Mangosteenie Miney Mo (mangosteen), Save The Best for Sineguelast (sineguelas), You’ve Dalandan It Again (dalandan), Tamarind My Bell (tamarind), Guyabano-body But You (guyabano), Calamansi’z The Day (calamansi), Pomelong and Lasting Love (pomelo), and Merci Buco (P34.45/330mL, P91.95 /1L.) (coconut water in Plain, Lychee, and Buko Pandan). Locally plans to add more fruits in their line, but for now there's more than enough fun flavors, sure to brighten up your next meal.


Locally is available in convenience stores and supermarkets. For more information, log on to Locally's Facebook page.

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