Soon, You Can Ask Someone Out to Brunch With a Bagel Emoji

Or send a salt shaker for when you're feeling extra salty.

( Some people say emojis are the new hierloglyphs, and it looks like the time where we'd be communicating solely by the tiny, admittedly adorable icons is coming closer with Unicode Consortium (a.k.a. the governing body behind all things emoji) launching 157 (!) new emojis this year.



You'd be surprised to know that there hasn't been a cupcake emoji before, but there will be very soon. Also to be launched are a mooncake emoji, a lettuce, a salt shaker for when you're feeling extra salty, a bagel, and a mango for when you need to remind your friend that they need to let that man go (get it?). And we've only just covered the food emojis. For a full list of all 157 new emojis coming out this year, check the mock-ups by Emojipedia or watch the video below:


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