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10 New Restaurants to Try in Poblacion

You can have anything from hot dogs to oysters.


( For great eats, buzzy drinks, and an all-around good time, Poblacion continues to be the place to be. The bustling food hub in Makati continues to satisfy every craving you could possibly have: In fact, many more promising restaurants and food hubs have opened since our last list. From Mexican and Japanese, to seafood and hot dogs, these new eateries should be part of your next Poblacion food crawl.




Wantusawa Oyster Bar

One of the nice things about the Philippines is how easy it is to drive to a secluded beach. But, if you can’t drop everything and hide away, you can settle for the next best thing: Fresh seafood! Even Poblacion has its share of wonderful seafood finds, like Wantusawa Oyster Bar, where Philippine oysters take the spotlight. You can get fresh Aklan oysters here for P50 apiece, which can come either Fresh, Baked, or Grilled. They also have other tasty Asian-inspired dishes like a hearty Grilled Prawn Laksa. Be sure to drop by early because this 16-seater restaurant gets packed quickly!


Must-tries: Fresh, Baked, and Grilled Oysters (P50/piece), Grilled Prawn Laksa (P250), Fried Chicken Curry Bowl (P250)


Wantusawa Oyster Bar is at Tambai Alley, 5779 Felipe Street, Poblacion, Makati City.


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Taqueria Seta

Hidden behind a residential-looking gate, Taqueria Seta is easy to miss. But their in-your-face vibrant murals both outside and inside will make you curious enough to take a peek—and their tasty renditions of Mexican food plus boozy beverages will make you want to stay. Chef Ian Padilla admits that their menu isn’t a hundred-percent authentic, but you won’t mind once you have their explosive breakfast burrito in your mouth. You can even opt to have it as a Taco Ng Ina Mo! or a deep-fried burrito drizzled with Habanero sauce and quezo. You’ll be good-naturedly cursing how good this sinful roll is.



Must-tries: Desayuno (P275), Suadero (P140), Tripita (P120)


Taqueria Seta is at 4988 P. Guanzon Street, Poblacion, Makati City.


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Ian Paredies’ bahay ng engkanto for his Engkanto Brewery craft beer is one of Poblacion’s hippest night spots for good reason. There’s the moody lighting, trendy neon signs, and mismatched furniture that just exudes a vibe of effortless cool. Then there’s the all-too-drinkable draft beer on tap, and beer-based cocktails that go down so smoothly yet hide an all-too-powerful punch. Plus, the tasty, and definitely-not-your-usual bar chow by Chef Luis de Terry (whose family owns Terry’s) are sure to be unforgettable even on the morning after. One thing’s for sure: You shouldn’t leave Poblacion without dropping by Polilya on your next night out.


Must-tries: Four O’Clock Flights (P280), Blame It On The Heat (P145), Polilya Burger (P390)


Polilya is at 5658 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City.


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Wicked Dogs

Giant swings combined with dark, edgy interiors, and a neon sign that declares the beer here is “colder and cheaper than your ex" make Wicked Dogs feel like a playground for adults. Their Signature Dogs, too, are grown-up takes on the hotdogs of your childhood, with toppings like chili-hoisin sauce, wasabi mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and sauerkraut. But the real star is still the hotdogs that are satisfyingly snappy, smoky, and delicious.


Must-tries: Tijuana Bacon Dog (P275), Wasabi Dog (P275), No.5 Dog (P275)


Wicked Dogs is at 2/F Lokal Hostel, 5769 Ebro Street, Poblacion, Makati City.



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The Social on Ebro

Trust Poblacion to have a different spin on the food-park concept. The Social on Ebro only has two food stalls, which is far below the average for most food parks, but what they lack in quantity, they more than make up for with quality. Crosta serves up sourdough pizza with quality ingredients from Italy, and cheeky names like the impossible-to-ignore Basic B*tch—which is anything but. Old favorite Kashmir also has an outpost here, serving up fuss-free Indian street food.


Must-tries: Fukna (P150) from Kashmir; Basic B*tch (P200) and Shroomed Out (P380) from Crosta


The Social on Ebro is at 5770 Ebro Street, Poblacion, Makati City.


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Cu Chi Bar

The vibrant murals of Vietnamese life and culture will immediately catch your eye upon entering Cu Chi but they’re not the only things worth visiting here. Expect traditional Vietnamese fare—presented without any fanfare, they’re fresh and light yet heavy on flavor, just the way renditions of this Southeast Asian cuisine should be. Your palate will welcome this clean and refreshing break from your usual.


Must-tries: BBQ Skewers (P180/pork. P170/chicken, P180/seafood), Fresh Spring Rolls (P195), Pho (P200)


Cu Chi Bar is at 5767 Ebro Street, Poblacion, Makati City.


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Poblacion Dining Room

No Poblacion regular has not heard of Commune, and with their fast WiFi, cozy interiors, and excellent coffee, it’s easily a favorite in the area. But not many know that there is a hidden Filipino restaurant inside the café. Poblacion Dining Room is all about celebrating your grandmother’s cooking, with a menu of dishes curated from the recipes of the owners’ own grandmas. The intimate space, with a long communal table, lace curtains, and wood decor that resembles an ancestral home’s dining room, make for a great setting for small parties.



Must-tries: Chicken Tinola (P245), Gising Gising (P150), Pork Adobo (P240)


Poblacion Dining Room is at 36 Polaris Street, Poblacion, Makati City (inside Commune).


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Wok By 4900

Every food district in the Metro should have a reliable place for hearty rice bowls, and Wok By 4900 fills that gap smoothly in Poblacion. Whether you’re filling up before a night of fun, or soothing an incoming hangover, their Asian-inspired rice and noodle bowls are sure to satisfy. You can even opt to just hang out here: their second-floor roofdeck with wooden chairs and low cushions scattered around is the perfect laid-back setting for cracking several cold ones with rice bowls.


Must-tries: Classic Mongolian (P160/half, P290/full), Rib-Eye Kimsilog (P360)


Wok by 4900 is at 4900 Durban Street, Poblacion, Makati City.


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As if having a rooftop location that offers a fantastic view of the Makati skyline wasn’t enough, Antidote at I’M Hotel is also the country’s first jellyfish bar, which means you can enjoy your drinks while watching mesmerizing fluorescent jellyfish float by. That’ll make for a great IG-worthy backdrop for your snaps, for sure. The cocktails by master mixologist Christian Dominguez, who also mixes at Mace, one of the World’s 50 Best Bars, are excellent and pair superbly with their bar chow. You’ll feel all fancy with their cheese and ham board, with Jamon Iberico, Black Forest Ham, Red Wine Kesong Puti, and many more.



Must-tries: Ananas in Pandanus (P390), Leek’n Good (P390), Baby Squid (P320), Antidote Anti-Pasti (P900/three kinds of cheeses, P1,500/five kinds of cheeses)


Antidote is at I’M Hotel, Roof Deck, 7862 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City.


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Ebi 10

One of the great things about Poblacion is how it’ll still manage to surprise you, no matter how well you think you know it, and Ebi 10 is one such hidden gem. This tiny resto tucked along Tambai Alley has your late-night deep-fried cravings covered with their golden-fried tempura, which you order per piece. While they offer your typical ebi tempura—in regular or jumbo sizes—the must-tries here are the unconventional ones like uni that’s wrapped in nori, then deep-fried.


Must-tries: Small Shrimp (P45/piece), Jumbo Shrimp (P120/piece), Uni Shiso Nori (P180/piece), Beef And Mango (P60/piece)


Ebi 10 is at Tambai Alley, 5779 Felipe Street, Poblacion, Makati City.


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