Forget Popcorn: This New Take-Out Counter Will Make You Grab Shawarma at the Movies

From flavors to packaging, Shawa Wama has your back.


( Spice-rich beef and lots of tangy garlic sauce—what’s not to love about shawarma? If you agree, we have exciting news: It looks like you’re going to have a new go-to for your next Mediterranean fix. The Moment Group is opening their newest concept, Shawa Wama, soon at Rockwell.


“It’s our first take-out forward brand,” shares Edgardo Bautista, brand and project development manager at The Moment Group. “It’s a very small restaurant with only around 15 to 18 seats, and it’s all mostly grab-and-go.”




Trust this seasoned restaurant group to get all their bases covered, from the food to the packaging, the latter being especially important for to-go concepts. Anyone who’s had a problem with eating from flip-open containers will love the corrugated cover of Shawa Wama’s packaging that you can easily rip off. The lining, too, is made especially to prevent your take-out container from getting soggy, no matter how long it has been since you ordered it.


Not that you’ll be able to resist digging in your meal immediately. “Our take on the the shawarma is not typical,” shares Edgardo. “We want our flavors to be bolder.”


Red Beet Falafels


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You can also get Fried Cauliflowers Over Hummus (P245)


Shawa Wama also has fork-tender Primo Beef Over Rice (P190/regular, P235/large)


For an even more convenient meal, have the Pita Pockets (starts at P165)


The menu is pretty straightforward, offering Over Rice, Over Hummus and Pita Pockets. The Over Hummus is just the light meal you need, with the nuttiness of the hummus making it the perfect spread for the pillow-soft pita. Have it with the Red Beet Falafels (P195), which are amazingly crunchy, with a lip-smacking savory center that can almost fool you into thinking you’re having beef. If you do need actual meat though, they also offer Beef (P190/regular, P235/large), with a perfect contrast of juicy and slightly crunchy, and a sharp-peppery flavor that goes well on top of the aromatic rice and tangy pickled red onions.




You can also get Sweet Potato Fries on the side



Wash down all the spices with ice cream (Yogurt Baklava and Lemon Pistachio ice cream)


“We make our flavors bold so you can eat a meal on its own, without sauces,” says Edgardo, and while he’s right, and we can already foresee you finishing more than half of your meal before remembering to reach for the sauce bottles, Shawa Wama has five sauces you wouldn’t want to skip. Aside from the usual shawarma-house mainstays, garlic and hot chili, Shawa Wama also has a Lemon Garlic Sauce, with citrusy notes that cuts through the garlic, and Mild Chili that’ll remind you of a more herby chimichurri with just the slightest whisper of heat. They also have the option for you to add Cheese Sauce to your order, which you just might do because when has cheese never not made anything better?


“Shawa Wama is a fun way to say ‘shawarma,” says Edgardo, apt for a brand that’s just bursting with youthful energy, from the effortlessly cool branding to the vibrantly flavored food. With easy quick meals that don’t skimp on flavor—in fact, they may have went the extra mile here—Shawa Wama is bound to become a new Rockwell favorite. We know you’re looking forward even more to your next lunch break, now.


Shawa Wama is tentatively set to open on March 26 at Level P1, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, Plaza Drive, Makati City (beside 8 Cuts). 


Photos by Ian Santos


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