10 McDonald's Items We Wish Were Available in the Philippines

"Love ko 'to" wherever you are in the world.


(SPOT.ph) Are you the type of traveler who makes sure to check out a McDonald’s in every city you visit? Chances are, you’ve stumbled on some items that aren’t offered in the Philippines, and probably even wished you could have them locally, too! How many of these McDonald’s items from around the world are in your wishlist?



Poutine (Canada)

Can you really call a restaurant Canadian if it doesn’t have this signature dish? If you’re a fan of McDonald’s and their World Famous Fries, you’ll want to try a serving of this version with gravy and cheese curds. Yum!




Pico Guacamole Burgers (North and South America)

Yes, McDonald’s offers guacamole—just not here in the Philippines. Still, keep your fingers crossed the Pico Guacamole Burger with a quarter-pound beef patty and a generous heap of guacamole makes it to Manila. Please, even just for one summer!



McFlurry Choco Waffle Cone (Puerto Rico)

This McFlurry flavor from Puerto Rico gives you all the sweet, crunchy goodness you’ll want in an ice cream. Crushed chocolate-waffle cone blended with creamy vanilla soft-serve? Yes, please!


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Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant (Canada)

This buttery pastry from McDonald’s Canada has a rich chocolate-hazelnut filling that’ll remind you of Nutella. It’s a limited-edition offering but we can already imagine having this with a steaming cup of brewed coffee.



Le McWrap Boeuf (France)

In most McDonald's outlets around the world, they have to-go options that go beyond the usual burgers. This mouthwatering McWrap from France has steak, melted cheddar, greens, tomatoes, and fresh onions wrapped in a whole meal galette (a French flat-cake) and dressed with an old-fashioned mustard sauce.




Spicy Chorizo & Egg Brekkie Roll (Australia)

Your day will be off to a good start when you have a breakfast burger packed with chorizo, fried egg, tomatoes, baby spinach, grilled onion, and tomato chilli jam. With all these protein and veggies, it’s the perfect Macca brekkie.



Masala Grill Chicken (India)

If you’re a fan of Indian spices, this sandwich is right up your alley. McDonald’s India’s Masala Grill Chicken has a grilled chicken patty slathered generously with a smoky chili sauce, and sandwiched between two caramelized buns together with chopped fresh onions. Make sure to have an ice-cold drink with it because this sandwich definitely packs the heat!




Ginger Burger (Japan)

The Japan-exclusive Ginger Burger sounds totally fancy with a juicy pork patty seasoned with soy sauce and a ginger paste, for a punchy salty-spicy kick familiar to Japanese food lovers. Nicknamed 'Yakkii,' this burger is inspired by the Japanese dish, pork shogayaki, thinly-sliced pork with a ginger-soy sauce.



Golden Potato Burger (Korea)

Made especially for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, this hefty burger has golden-fried crispy potatoes, white cheddar, two beef patties, and a Pine mushroom sauce. Yum-o!




Sweet Temptation Gusto Frutti Di Bosco (Italy)

This sundae has creamy cheese ice cream, crunchy grains, wild berries, and a layer of soft cream. This isn’t called "sweet temptation" for nothing.


Photos from McDonald’s websites.

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