This New BGC Café Matcha-fies Your Favorite Desserts and Drinks

Matcha addicts, we found your newest haven!

Nomi Matcha
G/F W City Center, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Contact: 541-0418
Open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.*




( Quiet havens that offer a break from the stress that comes—not just from daily living but also from everything else happening in the world today—are always welcome. And if there’s a drink that’s almost synonymous to Zen, it’s probably matcha. It’s no surprise that Nomi Matcha feels like a breather from the busy-ness of BGC.




As their name suggests, Nomi Matcha celebrates all things matcha—the three Japanese owners, Asuka Hosokawa, Mike Jiang, and Také Hosomi make sure to only use matcha from Kyoto. Také shares that his family owns a matcha café back in Kyoto, and Nomi Matcha gets their tea leaves from the same sources. “As people from Japan, we wanted to share what matcha really is,” says Také.

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Nomi Matcha, however, trades the wood-heavy and rustic look of a traditional Japanese tea shop for a modern and bubbly vibe. Pastel pink and green reign in the space, with lots of fun tea puns lettered on the walls. The cozy nooks with cushioned seats and throw pillows are also perfect for solo diners or casual dates.




But perhaps the most eye-catching element is the accent wall or, as Mike puts it, the "I Want" wall, which is full of positive affirmations that begin with "I want." "I feel like we’re all passionate about a lot of things, but we get too bogged down with our daily tasks that we forget what we really want," says Mike. "So we want to be the place where people can come in and they feel inspired. They connect with something on this wall and remember to follow your heart."


With a space that exudes lots of good vibes, Nomi Matcha just beckons you to stay. You’ll want to chill here even more with their wide range of matcha-based drinks. You can appreciate the full-bodied earthiness of their matcha best with the Simply Matcha (P120), which comes hot or iced. Mike explains that they only use the top leaves of the matcha plant, giving their tea a whisper of natural sweetness even without additional sugar.



Matcha Refresher



Surprise Me


Nomi Matcha also carries drinks that veer away from the usual, like the Matcha Refresher (P170/iced), a matcha drink with a citrus tang from lime and calamansi juice, plus mint leaves. Revealing what’s in their Surprise Me (P170/iced) will take the fun away from the experience, but let’s just say it’s as exciting as it sounds—and refreshingly fruity, too!



Give Me Everything


Their line of matcha desserts are just as thrilling, and if you enjoy the distinct earthiness of the flavor, you’ll love what the restaurant has to offer. From the decadently moist Legendary Greenies (P90), or brownies made with matcha, to the Matcha Churros (P130) and the picture-perfect and indulgent Tiramisu Dream (P180), there’s no question that these treats are packed with lots of green-tea goodness. You can go with one—or you can treat yourself to all of them with the Give Me Everything (P520) tray.



Cookie Shots


But don’t leave without treating yourself to the Cookie Shots (P150). The matcha whipped cream and matcha milk are delightful but don’t overpower what really matters here: The matcha-chocolate brownie-cookie “shot glass.” Crunchy on the outside, and decadent on the inside, you’ll finish this until the last crumb. Pro-tip: You’ll want to hurry and get to the milk-soaked bottom quickly. It’s like cookies soaked in milk, without the hassle!




Beef Me Up (P360)


Chicken Power Bowl


Though matcha is undeniably the star at Nomi Matcha, they also offer bowls and filling Japanese meals. In line with their “good vibes” philosophy, their fresh and light flavors will make you and your body feel great. The Power Packed Bowls (P290 to P360) are filling quick meals with your carb of choice: From white and brown rice to quinoa, cauliflower rice, or a salad.



Longganisa Omurice



The crispy-fried Chicken Yum Yum (P190) comes with addictingly zesty shichi-mi togarashi on the side.


Nomi also has lots of Japanese dishes on the menu. Once you start your day with the Longganisa Omurice (P300), you might never go back to your usual breakfast. With tasty fried rice stuffed inside a wonderfully runny omelet, and paired with sweetish longganisa, you’re already off to a great start. Plus, breakfast is offered all-day, so you can get this meal any time the craving hits.


Everyone has bad days, so good vibes through food is always very much appreciated. From bright and peppy interiors to fun treats, Nomi Matcha can offer that shot of happiness in your day. You're sure to leave this café with a smile.


Photos by Hans Fausto


*Soft opening hours. Grand opening will be on April 10, Tuesday.


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