Before Café Ysabel's Famous Strawberry Shortcake, There Was the Strawberry Overload

The legendary cake has a history that spans decades.


( It's almost impossible to leave Café Ysabel without grabbing a box (or two) of their famous Strawberry Shortcake. The cake is as legendary as the restaurant, which has been around for 35 years—and just like the San Juan institution, it has also adapted to the quickly changing times and tastes of diners.


Today, the Strawberry Shortcake is a hybrid of its predecessors, taking the best elements of the original shortcake and the Strawberry Overload of the '90s. "Strawberry shortcake is basically sponge cake, cream, and strawberries, and that's it," shares Chef Gene Gonzalez of Café Ysabel, making the cake sound simpler than what it is. But rich, moist with yema-like cream, and practically drowning in strawberries, The Strawberry Shortcake is now a well-loved classic for good reason.


Café Ysabel is at 175 M. Paterno Street, Barangay Pasadena, San Juan City.


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