These Patis Wings Will Make You Break Up With Your Fave Dip

Mando's Wing Shack comes bearing gifts in the form of new chicken wing flavors.

Mando’s Wing Shack 
500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Boulevard, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong City
Contact: 0935-510-0693, 0917-854-5435
Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)

PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela

( A little bit of Poblacion has mercifully made its way to the other cluster of offices in the Metro; can you tell how happy we are about it? Our favorite part about Mando's Wing Shack is that they're not trying to be anything—all they seem to want to do is make food they love and share it with everyone.

PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela
PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela

Easily found near the entrance of 500 Shaw, Mando’s Wing Shack has kept basically all of its backyard-cookout appeal—wood benches, rustic murals, all that jazz—and traded out the alleyway mood lighting for some bright city lights. They’ve even kept the gloves—but don’t put them on just yet.

PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela

Surprise of surprises, they've got pasta on the menu! Their Bolognese (P249) isn't going to taste the way an Italian grandma would make it, but again, that's not what they're going for. They're definitely not gunning for the local idea of typical spaghetti, either—miraculously, Mando's manages to meet us halfway. It's a generous, comforting serving that, considering it's a wings joint, almost outranks the "I don't feel so good" meme.

PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela

Another worthwhile dish comes in the form of the beloved Gra'Beef (P159), a plate of unbeatable flavors direct from the first branch. The dish has the same chunks of beef, gooey gravy, and gratuitous fried egg over warm fries. 

PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela

The Wings (P169/half, P329/whole) have flown right over, too. All of the tried-and-true flavors have crossed over to this neck of the woods, really; the crispy G-Parm, the classic-tasting Beer BBQ, the undisputedly so-good-it's-probably-bad-for-you Salted Egg, and what we're calling the Spice Girls—Buffalo Style and Sweeracha. Along with any and/or all of the available dips, there are only good times to be had.

But the HCP—short for honey, calamansi, and patis—is the new flavor that blew us away. The wings' sweet-tart-pungent saltiness pack such a punch, and are cooked so well that you barely need dip, and that is the truth.

Loaded Mandos Nachos
PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela


Chili Dog
PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela

Whether or not you're looking to share, the Loaded Mando Nachos (P249) are another mainstay that we still love. Instead of shredded or ground beef, you've got marinated chunks of it, and it makes a world of difference to the flavor profile. The Chili Dog (P179) also remains delightfully unchanged; the bread works really well with the crunch of the fries on the side and all the savory goodness and texture from the sausage and toppings, though we have to admit, options would be nice. In the future, perhaps?

Banana S'mores Split
PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela
WickRed Oreos
PHOTO BY Vincent Coscolluela

Mando's Banana S'mores Split (P140) is still perfect to share with someone you love, but! But. The new WickRed Oreos (P145) will have you torn between the belief that sharing is caring and the rather cowardly cry of “every man for himself,” because there's something in that batter that goes beyond color and just makes this rendition of wicked Oreos stand out in the best way. It's difficult, even, to put a finger on it; when asked, owner Armand Cendana simply makes a face that says, “Oh no, you don't!” Good at keeping secrets—respect!


We discovered the hard way that there is such a thing as too many wings—but there is no harm in testing your limits. With these flavors, that price point, and two big city locations, you can't not.

Photos by Vincent Coscolluela

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