Yeah Yeah Serves Up Chinese Food as Unforgettable as Their Name

And they're really tasty, too!

Yeah Yeah Chinese Cuisine
Hemady Square, Doña Hemady Street, 86 E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City
Open from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Monday to Friday) and 10:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Saturday to Sunday)

PHOTO BY Marikit Singson

( When you think “Chinese restaurant in Quezon City,” your mind most likely goes to Banawe, and rightfully so. It's become known as the Chinatown of the North (of Manila) with all the Chinese restaurants, from tiny dim sum places to fine-dining affairs, in that area. But, Quezon City is a huge city, and its various pockets house excellent Chinese restaurants of their own. At Hemady Square, for example, is Yeah Yeah, a new Chinese restaurant with dim sum that’ll put a smile on your face.

PHOTO BY Marikit Singson
The Crystal Hakaw are plump and have a satisfying bite.
PHOTO BY Marikit Singson
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The Crab Roe Sio Mai are bursting with umami goodness.
PHOTO BY Marikit Singson

The specialty at Yeah Yeah is Hong-Kong style cooking, which means lots of dim sum. They’ve got the standards, and they’re good at them: The Crystal Hakaw (P138/four pieces) doesn’t get gummy at all, even if they spend some time in the bamboo steamer—though you do want to pop these morsels in your mouth immediately. The tender wrapper easily gives way to the fresh shrimp, and the whole dumpling has a satisfying bite. Meanwhile, the Crab Roe Sio Mai (P120/four pieces) is chock-full of umami flavor, with an earthiness reminiscent of Shiitake mushrooms.


The Piggy Salted Egg Yolk Pao are almost too cute to eat! Surprisingly, depsite their name, they're filled with a mildly sweet custard filling.
PHOTO BY Marikit Singson

What’s sure to catch your attention though, are the Piggy Salted Egg Yolk Pao (P130)—for one, they are absolutely adorable. You almost don’t want to eat the cute little pig-buns sitting in your bamboo steamer. The custard in the soft bao is actually on the mildly sweet side, which makes this a great pairing with tea.

The Sizzling Squid With Ginger Onion will get you hefty, sizable chunks of squid.
PHOTO BY Marikit Singson

If you’re craving spice, though, Yeah Yeah Has new entrées that to heat things up. Don’t expect regular squid rings in your Sizzling Squid With Ginger Onion (P580)—instead, you’ll get thick slices that are still surprisingly tender, with fresh ginger and onion to spice things up.

You're in for a surprise with their Szechuan Spicy Double Cooked Pork— its spiciness creeps up on you!
PHOTO BY Marikit Singson

The Szechuan Spicy Double Cooked Pork (P330) packs heat that isn’t for the faint-hearted. But you can’t get enough of spicy food, you also get rewarded with slabs of succulent roast pork, fried after roasting to give it a crisp crust.

Yeah Yeah's Lechon Macau remains crisp-on-the-outside, and butter-soft on the inside even hours after ordering.
PHOTO BY Marikit Singson

But the star of the show at Yeah Yeah is their Lechon Macau (P400), which is marinated overnight and roasted for up to three hours. The result is skin with a resounding crackle, and pork that’s tender and intensely savory, with a salty bite that doesn’t get too overpowering.

It’s impossible to say “Yeah Yeah” without feeling a little cheerier afterward; something the owners intended for. And, with their tasty dim sum and Chinese staples, that smile is sure to stay for a while afterward.

Photos by Marikit Singson

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