The Most Popular Sweets in Manila to Put in Your Trick-or-Treat Basket

These candies will get you excited for trick or treat.

( Halloween is just around the corner—are you planning to go to a spookily fun party? Or do you already have your costume ready for a night of fun? Traditionally, Halloween is a time for kids to load up on some candy, which got us curious: What are the most popular treats during the eeriest season of the year? Robinsons Supermarket helps us round up the best-selling ones.

10. Tootsie Roll Midgees (P134.50/pack)

This candy arguably has more recall in the United States, but it's really impossible to resist chocolate and caramel in a taffy-like treat. Midgees are smaller versions of the candy, making them easier to pop in your mouth one after the other.


9. Meiji Almond Ball Chocolate Box (P109/box)

Chocolate-covered almonds convince you that you're not really eating that much sugar, making this incredibly easy to finish in one sitting. Whatever, we're grabbing another box.

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8. Mentos Fruit Mix Pillow Pack (P200)

If you love candy, Mentos is one of the most accessible ones—you probably have several in your house or car. Plus, the Fruit Mix is great if you need something extra bright and sweet.


7. Trolli Gummi Candy in a Plastic Pumpkin (P102.25)

Not only are these gummy candies a lip-puckering sour treat no kid or kid-at-heart will be able to resist, but they come in cute plastic pumpkins, too. It's no wonder they're a hit during Halloween.

6. BengBeng Chocolate Wafer Bar (P6.25)

Again, caramel and chocolate is a combination you can never go wrong with. Plus, BengBeng comes with rice crispies and a wafer center—it's almost hefty enough to be a snack.


5. Snickers Funsize Bag (P189.25)

"Fun" size candy is always a great basket-filler, so we're not surprised this bag of fun-sized Snickers is a hit during Halloween.

4. Kitkat 2 Fingers Chocolate Bar (P14.50)

In the same vein as the fun-sized Snickers, these mini versions of Kitkat are just as easy to toss in pumpkin baskets. And who doesn't like Kitkats?


3. Mentos Mint Mix Pillow Pack (P200)

While we love the Mentos Fruit Mix, there's no denying the original Mint is still the more popular one. It's minty but not too spicy, which makes it perfect for candy fans of all ages.

2. Skeleton Long Legs Marshmallow (P31.75)

Nothing else will get you in the Halloween spirit more than this spooky skeleton-pirate, with long marshmallows as legs. This is a sure winner with kids!


1. Kitkat 4 Fingers Chocolate Bar (P28.50)

While the mini 2 Fingers version is a great basket-stuffer, we'd always go for the original 4 Fingers version. Hey, you can never have too much chocolate!

All candies are available at Robinsons Supermarkets.

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