Original Cake Has a Jiggly Sponge Cake With Gooey Cheese

They're so fluffy!

Original Cake
G/F Circuit Lane, Ayala Malls Circuit, Makati City
Open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

2/F SM City San Lazaro, Santa Cruz, Manila
Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Sunday to Thursday) and 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Friday to Saturday)

PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

(SPOT.ph) Filipinos are known for their sweet tooth—when it comes to desserts, even the simple fluffy sponge cake can be pretty irresistible. While we’ll be content with the mamon, Original Cake from Taiwan brings this favorite sweet treat to another level with their specialty, castella cake.

Castella cakes are egg-rich sponge cakes derived from the Portuguese pao de Castel, which translates to “bread from Castile.” In the 16th century, Portuguese traders were actively doing business in Japan and brought the castella cake with them, which eventually found its own sweet way to Taiwan.

PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel
Lots of fresh eggs go into a castella cake. 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel
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Original Cake began in 2010 as a single cake store on the lovely riverside of Tamsui Old Street north of Taipei, Taiwan. Soon, two more outlets opened in Taiwan and now, Original Cake is conquering the Philippine sweet-tooth market.

PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

Every cake is baked fresh, on-site, on the same day. Made from the quality ingredients like fresh eggs, flour, milk, and vegetable oil, these Taiwanese Castella Cakes are extremely soft and fluffy and are just the right size for sharing with friends.

The Original Cake is buttery and fluffy. 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

The base for all their flavors, the Original Cake (P140), is a golden mixture of fresh eggs, milk and flour that showcases how even the most simple cake can shine as long as it’s done right. Once you take a bite, the first thing that hits your taste buds is the perfectly soft and fluffy texture that can only come from a treasure trove of fresh eggs. This yellow-golden cake, with its toasted lining, is creamy in every bite.

Cheese slices make the Golden Cheese Cake extra gooey. 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

What could possibly bring the already delicious Original flavor of Original Cake to another level? Why, another layer, of course—in fact, make that two layers of sliced cheese within the golden mixture. No guilty feelings here, as the Golden Cheese Cake (P180) is low in sugar and fat. With a sprinkling of cheese powder on top and two gooey, cheesy layers oozing through the Golden Cheese Cake, all the cheese lovers can really say, “I’ve had my cake and eaten it too!”

The Chocolate Cake is studded with chocolate chips. 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

Chocolate lovers are not forgotten—Original Cake offers a velvety but still fluffy Chocolate Cake (P190), rich with imported Holland cocoa powder in the mix, plus dark chocolate chips. Each bite of this fluffy cake is a decadent dip into every chocolate lovers’ dream.

For a quick energy boost, get the Snowflake Crisp. 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

Aside from the best-selling Original Cake flavors, they currently have a crunchy limited treat that Original Cake produces in small batches. The Snowflake Crisp (P150/small, P260/big) is a sweet and crispy bar studded with cranberries, dates, biscuits, marshmallows, cream and milk powder. After several bites, its crunchiness gives way to a milky, chewy center.

It’d be hard to take your attention away from Original Cake’s sponge cakes though. And at less than P200 per cake, you can have your slice of fluffy, egg-y heaven any time you want.

Photos by Jericho San Miguel

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