Give Fruits a Chance With Juicery's Smoothies and Drinks

Juicery by Chateau 1771
2/F One Bonifacio High Street, 5th Avenue corner 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City
Open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

( We've all been there: You have the option to choose between fruits and veg or bacon and eggs, and what do you go for? (Of course that's a trick question; we'd go for bacon and eggs, too!)

But if fruits and veg always tasted the way they do at the Juicery by Chateau 1771, we're pretty sure you'd be seeing less bacon in your life. 

PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

This grab-and-go concept by the 1771 Group of Restaurants was supposed to be the function room of Chateau 1771, but they decided to use the space for something new instead. Unlike its sister restaurants, the Juicery gives off a more casual vibe. This little nook is hard to miss with its bright-green neon lights and fresh offerings on display. While not quite a full-service restaurant, there are a handful of tables for customers who want to sit down while having a quick treat. 

Not sure what to get? Have the Honey Ginger Lemon, a no-fail cooler. 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

For those who would like to try juicing or are familiar with it but find it too tedious to do it at home, the Juicery currently has seven combinations of healthy juices with interesting names to boot. What’s common about the drinks is that these don’t have any extenders, and are blended without ice, water, milk, or cream. “There’s always an apple [in all our drinks] even if it’s a vegetable juice because that’s our natural sweetener. They all have different flavors, but when you combine them, in different degrees, they come out differently. In the end, everything is refreshing,” shares executive chef Vicky Pacheco, who is also personally into juicing. 

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Not sure what to try? You can’t go wrong with the Honey Ginger Lemon (P150/16oz). If you’re a fan of lemonade, you’ll like the familiar bright tang of this beverage, with a hint of spice from fresh ginger. The sweetness from the honey balances it all, resulting in a cool and refreshing drink. 

Front: The Big Vibe, back: Memories 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

Hard-core juice lovers would appreciate The Big Vibe (P220), which tastes as bright and vibrant as it looks. The bright red color pretty much gives away the fact that one of its major ingredients is beetroot. Apart from that, this drink also has apples, orange, carrots, and lemon so don't be surprised to taste an earthy but fruity flavor with every sip. Plus, you’d be happy to know that this crimson root crop is a good source of potassium, which improves stamina, making this the perfect drink for workout fiends.


Memories (P160) is a green concoction that combines apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, and lime. Warning: the earthiness of the celery can come off as too strong for non-juice fans, but since it also has the flavors of sweet apple, spicy ginger, and tangy lime, you might eventually develop a taste for it. You can make your juice healthier by opting for nipa palm sugar, a natural sweetener that comes from the nipa palm tree. 

Aside from fresh juices, the Juicery also has fruit shakes and smoothies—the main difference being that the latter has yogurt. A good option for fruit shakes is the Pomelo Watermelon (P130/regular; P140/sugar-free), with the natural sourness from the pink citrus fruit blending beautifully with the sweetness from the watermelon. The end product is a light and uplifting pick-me-up that’s loaded with vitamin C. 

Something that even kids would love is the classic combo of Mango Strawberry (P130/regular; P140/sugar-free), with yellow ripe mango blended with tangy yet sweet strawberry. It might just remind you of summertime even when it’s pouring outside; it's got that kind of tropical vibe. You’ll also get bits of strawberry seeds with every sip. 

Back: Banana Strawberry, front: Strawberry Kale 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

The smoothies, which use all-natural yogurt, are richer, creamier concoctions. “We source the yogurt from Lipa. It’s a sugar-free yogurt made from natural milk. That’s milk that’s not ultra-heat treated, so it’s fresh,” shares Chef Vicky. Unsurprisingly, the Banana Strawberry (P170/regular; P180/sugar-free) is a popular choice. The sweet fruits, coupled with the creamy yogurt, create an irresistible combination that is also quite filling. 

There’s also the Strawberry Kale (P210/regular; P230/sugar-free), which tastes better than it sounds. This juice will change your mind if you’re averse to green-colored drinks. The kale doesn’t have an overpowering taste so the drink doesn’t come off as “grassy” at all. You’ll still get the sweet and tangy berry flavor and the richness from the yogurt, making this an easy-to-finish drink.

A soy-sesame dressing and savory beef give the Asian Steak Tips a lot of oomph. 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

If you think that you’ll only find liquid treats at the Juicery, think again. Fast becoming a bestseller is the Asian Steak Tips (P150/with beef; P110/without), a wholesome plate of green ice lettuce, marinated beef tips, cucumber, and onions, with soy-sesame dressing on the side. The savory beef makes a lot of difference, so if you’re not vegetarian, give it a try as the beef adds another layer of flavor. 

The Pink Detox Salad is bright and fruity with kale, watermelon, and more. 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

A meat-free choice is the Pink Detox Salad (P230), which mixes together fruits and vegetables like kale, pomelo, and watermelon, and topped off with walnuts, chèvre (or goat’s cheese), and yogurt-pomegranate dressing. You’ll like the crunch from the nuts, the slightly tangy yet creamy cheese, and the bursts of fruity flavor. You can also get salad add-ons like flaxseed (excellent source of protein, fiber, and omega-3), chicken, and quinoa. 

Spices give the Curried Squash Soup spicy warmth. 
PHOTO BY Jericho San Miguel

Warm your belly with their soup selections, which you can also have for to-go. A hearty pick is the Curried Squash Soup (P250), with the curry spices infusing the creamy pumpkin soup with warm spiciness.

Soon, the Juicery will have more dishes on their menu, like sandwiches and pasta, to go with their healthy drinks—so you have no excuse not to eat healthier now, especially choices that are this wholesome.

Photos by Jericho San Miguel

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