Pizza Hut Will Be Offering Bottomless Cold Water and We Have Questions

And theories.

( We don’t really know where to begin with this, so we’ll just open with the bare facts: Pizza Hut announced that they’ll be offering free bottomless cold water starting January 14. And if you don’t believe us because you didn’t see it this morning…this really happened.


Is there another water shortage afoot? What happens when someone wants a second glass of water on January 13? We don't know for sure what's going on. But what we really want to know is—and we will phrase this politely—whyHere are a few of our guesses:

Mimiyuuuh’s Influence: “Drink your water, b*tch.”

The local Internet celeb is known for expressing concern over fans’ hydration habits, and rightly so. We live in a hot country!

An Upcoming Super Spicy Menu

This seems to be the most feasible theory among people who’ve seen the announcement, and as much as we’d be looking forward to something like this, there’s one snag. Water doesn’t alleviate the reaction to capsaicin.

The Removal of Air-Conditioning Units

God forbid! This is a cursed thought! Delete, delete, delete!

Early April Fool’s

We’d prefer this, actually. Not that we’re not super into water (stay hydrated, folks, regardless) but turning a necessity-slash-human right into a promo sounds like either the worst joke or the best joke. The punchline could go anywhere.

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How about bottomless lukewarm water?

Please tell us you know we’re kidding.

But perhaps our favorite part of the whole affair is that there’s even a start date. What do you guys think?

For more information, log on to Pizza Hut Philippines' Facebook page.

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