10 Home Bakers to Hit Up for Swoon-Worthy Cinnamon Rolls

(SPOT.ph) As far as baked goods go, cinnamon rolls are about as nostalgic as you can get. These fluffy pastries consist of a yeasted bread base and a sweet, cinnamon-spiked filling that are layered and rolled together, cut to form rolls with their telltale spiral appearance, and baked in the oven. Most versions also come topped with a cream cheese frosting that compliments their cinnamon-y interior. If you’re looking to get your fix in Manila, look no further: we’ve rounded up some of the best cinnamon-roll bakers in the Metro that deliver to your doorstep.

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Check out these bakeries the next time you’re looking for cinnamon rolls:

Quinn’s Bakery

PHOTO BY Quinn's Bakery

Quinn’s Bakery is famous for their cookies, but they also make some seriously mean Cinnamon Rolls that are soft and oh-so-gooey. Topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting, these pastries are available in mini (P680/box of 12, P1,300/box of 24) and standard (P680/box of six, P1,300/box of 12) sizes. Ordering is made easy through their website—just add your order of choice to your cart and check out; note that there’s a 5 p.m. cutoff for next-day deliveries. You can pay via BDO or BPI bank deposit or through GCash.

For orders, visit Quinn’s Bakery’s website.


PHOTO BY Abigail's
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Abigail’s makes Classic Cinnabuns (P345/box of six, P510/box of nine) that are fluffy and generous on the cream cheese frosting, but they also give the pastry a Japanese-inspired twist with their premium Matcha Oreo variant, topped with homemade matcha buttercream and crushed chocolate cookies. You can get a box of two Matcha Oreo with four Classic rolls for P390, or two Classic and four Matcha Oreo for P580. They’re baked fresh every day, so you’ll want to place your orders three days in advance.

For orders, send a message to Abigail’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

14 Starline

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

14 Starline’s Cinnamon Knots (P150/box of three, P250/box of six, P300/box of nine) prove that less is more with their minimalist take on cinnamon rolls. They don’t have frosting or any other frills—but trust us, these rolls hardly need it. These pillow-soft treats have the perfect amount of sweetness and kick of cinnamon, making it way too easy to pop one piece after another. You can order by sending them a text, Viber, or Whatsapp message. You’ll have to book your own courier; you can pay cash on delivery through your courier’s purchase service, or via bank transfer or GCash.

For orders, contact 0917-891-1810 via text, Viber, or Whatsapp. You can also check out 14 Starline's Instagram page.

WKND Bakery


WKND Bakery gives cinnamon rolls a rustic makeover with their Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls (P650). These handmade pastries have a sourdough base for a tangy note that balances out its sweet cinnamon filling and frosting. Send them a message on their social media pages for orders; you can pay via BPI or BDO bank transfer, or through GCash. You’ll have to book your own courier for deliveries.

For orders, send a message to WKND! Bakery on Facebook or Instagram.

Flour Pot


Flour Pot doesn’t just make decadent rum cakes and strawberry doughnuts; they also offer the Favorite Cinnamon Rolls (P550/six pieces), which are sink-your-teeth-in soft. They’re topped with a dollop of rich cheese frosting, with a tanginess that contrasts beautifully with the warm, spice-filled flavor of the buns. Contact their number for orders, or send a message to their social media pages.

For orders, contact 0917-789-2352 or send a message to Flour Pot’s Facebook or Instagram pages.

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Golden Cookie PH

PHOTO BY Golden Cookie PH

While they’re primarily known for cookies, Golden Cookie also offers an assortment of other pastries, including their Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls (P590/nine pieces) generously slathered with cream cheese frosting. You can order by sending them a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Viber. They’ve partnered with Angkas, so you can relax and let them handle the delivery, though you can also opt to book your own courier if you prefer.

For orders, send a message to 0917-886-0018 through Viber, or send a message to their Facebook or Instagram pages.

The Rolls Kitchen

PHOTO BY The Rolls Kitchen

The Rolls Kitchen has a short but sweet menu, offering Classic Cinnamon Rolls (P350/six pieces, P600/dozen). “Classic” as it may be, their rendition is by no means boring, with a delightfully soft bread base and buttery cream cheese frosting that ticks all the right boxes. They've also recently come out with a Double Chocolate variant made with Malagos Chocolate (P450/six pieces, P775/dozen). Order for pickup or delivery via their website; you can pay via BDO bank deposit or through cash upon pickup.

For orders, visit The Rolls Kitchen’s website.

KP Bakery Cafe

PHOTO BY KP Bakery Cafe

KP Bakery Cafe tops their Cinnamon Rolls (P600/box of nine) not just with cream cheese frosting, but also toasted almond flakes, which add a welcome buttery crunch to each bite. You can reach out to them via 0917-515-0889 or send them an e-mail for orders. They accept payments via bank transfer, and you’ll have to book your own courier to pick it up from their kitchen in San Antonio, Pasig.

For orders, contact 0917-515-0889 or send an e-mail to kelpascual100@gmail.com. You can also check out their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Patisserie by P


Looking for made-to-order vegan (P400/six pieces) and vegetarian (P350/six pieces) versions of the pastry? You can get these cinammon rolls from Patisserie by P by contacting 0918-909-6819 or 0936-954-8120, or sending them an e-mail. They also offer other vegan and vegetarian eats such as Ube Pandesal (P250/vegetarian, P300/vegan), Steamed Buns (P170/vegetarian, P200/vegan), and more.

For orders, contact 0918-909-6819 or 0936-954-8120, or e-mail patisseriebyp@gmail.com.

The Sweet Life by Ange


The Sweet Life by Ange turns cinnamon rolls on its head with their Seven Deadly Cinns line, where they give the classic pastry different flavor twists. They have everything from the classic Original Cinn (P2,040/dozen) to Cheesy (P2,040/dozen), Chocolate (P2,040/dozen), Salted Caramel (P2,040/dozen), Caramel Pecan (P2,300/dozen), Ube Cheese (P3,360/dozen), and even Strawberry (P2,400/dozen) variants. You can also get a box of assorted flavors (P2,500/dozen) so you can get to taste them all. These rolls are made to order, so you’ll have to place your orders two to three days in advance and you'll have to book your own courier to pick it up from their Makati hub for deliveries.

For orders, contact 0917-823-8198 or send an e-mail to order@sweetlifebyange.com.

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