This Pink Gadget Makes Fresh Yogurt With Zero Fuss

You'll be dialing down your plastic-packaging consumption, too.

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( Yogurt has a unique appeal—it’s a creamy, tangy treat you can enjoy for breakfast, as a snack, or even as a dessert; it also happens to be pretty good for you. But it can be expensive to keep buying at the store, and most store-bought versions are loaded with sugars and other additives. The solution? Make your own yogurt at home. It might sound intimidating, but this Yogurt Maker (P1,995) by Korean brand Yogurberry makes it fun and easy to do.

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Check out that cute milk box-shaped body.
PHOTO BY Shop TV Philippines

Aside from coming in a cute milk box-shaped form and pastel-pink color that’ll look totally rad in your kitchen, this non-electric Yogurt Maker is pretty effortless to use. Just add milk and powdered yogurt starter (available from Lazada) or store-bought plain yogurt, which will act as your starter, in the transparent bucket. Add boiling water to the yogurt maker’s body, then put the bucket catcher and transparent bucket into the yogurt maker and cover it. In eight to 10 hours you’ll have your own yogurt. (You can use the yogurt you made as the starter for your next batch.)


The possibilities with homemade yogurt are endless. You can eat it by itself and enjoy its tangy flavor, or you can stir in your choice of sweetener, such as honey or even jam. Add in fruits, nuts, or granola for some textural contrast, or blend it into smoothies. You can even add whatever flavor you like and freeze it for some homemade fro-yo. Yogurt also works great in savory applications, such as for salad dressings and curries, as well as for baked goods

For orders, check out the Yogurberry Yogurt Maker on ShopTV Philippines.

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