Cheers! The Philippines Ranks High Among Asian Countries That Search for Beer

And we love our own beers, too!

( Today happens to be International Beer Day, and while most of us cannot exactly celebrate this merry occasion—with most cities in the Metro reimposing the liquor ban—the closest thing is to search for your favorite beer brands online. In the Philippines alone, there was a 69% increase in online searches for "beer" in March, right when the quarantine was implemented,according to a study by the iPrice Group. The same study also reveals that the Philippines ranks third in Asia that googles beer the most—right after Singapore and Hong Kong. 

On the Philippines' Top 3: Dutch brand Heineken, followed by local beers San Miguel Beer and Red Horse Beer.
PHOTO BY iPrice Group

Filipinos appear to be loyal to local brands, as two of the top Filipino-preferred beers are homegrown: San Miguel and Red Horse. Dutch beer brand Heineken is also one of the top choices for Filipinos and the top choice for the rest of the Asian countries they included in the study. And while mostly Western beers dominate the most-searched brands in all the countries listed, San Miguel and Red Horse nonetheless remain well-favored choices, coming in fifth and sixth, respectively, as the most popular beer brands in Asia. 

Check out the other popular beer brands in Asia. 
PHOTO BY iPrice Group
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The study was conducted by recording each Asian country's search volume on the keyword “beer,” including the word in each country’s local language, from January to June 2020. iPrice got the percentage of the total search volume in each country by computing it with each country’s reach on Google (The searches in the Philippines accounts for 3.3% of the country's reach).  They then recorded the search volume for beer brands from January to June 2020, and specific keywords per brand were identified. 

iPrice Group is a meta-search website operating in seven countries across Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

Read the full study by the iPrice Group.

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