Eats Out There: Yema-st Know About These Sinful Rolls

Soft, warm bread with generous swirls of yema!

( We spend many of our free hours scrolling endlessly through our Instagram feeds—and when something catches our attention, we feel the need to spread the word. In today's case: we spotted an online seller via Shoot First, Eat Later on Instagram with a treat that got us drooling. The said seller is called Muysdough, and what made us stop in our tracks upon checking their profile is their Yema Swirls. It's got sweet, glistening yema dolloped on soft bread rolls with a creamy frosting. Talk about yum.

Check out those drool-worthy swirls of yema

Muysdough's Yema Swirls is part of their premium flavor lineup, which also includes other flavored buns like the Walnut Cinnaswirls, Ube Quezo SwirlsTiramisu Swirls, and Chocolate Overload Swirls. You can get a box of six of these premium flavors for P390, or a box of nine for P540. Muysdough also offers regular flavors of their rolls: the Cinnaswirls and the Butternut Swirls. A box of six of the regular rolls goes for P330, while a box of nine goes for P450.


You can mix and match flavors: for boxes of six there's a maximum of two flavors per box, while for boxes of nine there's a maximum of three flavors per box. There's also a minimum order of three pieces per flavor. Moreover, you can also mix regular and premium flavors: a box of six (with three regular and three premium rolls) goes for P360, while a box of nine (with three regular and six premium rolls) goes for P510.

Hungry yet? You can get your fix by sending Muysdough a message through social media, or through 0920-905-3016.

For orders, send Muysdough a message on Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact 0920-905-3016.

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