Roadtest: Are the New Hershey's Ice Cream-Inspired Bars as Good as They Look?

This collection comes in three flavors!

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Ice cream is great, chocolate is great. So when the two confections come together, the result should be just as great, right? That was what we thought, anyway, when we heard that Hershey's has come out with new chocolate bars inspired by ice cream dubbed as Hershey's Ice Cream Shoppe. There are three variants available—the Cookies n' MintStrawberries n' Creme, and Sprinkles n' Creme—with the Cookies n' Mint and Sprinkles n' Creme being new flavors, and the Strawberries n' Creme said to be a rehash of a similar bar from 2005. But do they live up to expectations?

Hershey's bars inspired by ice cream: Why not?
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Price and availability: Each 39-gram bar goes for P60, and is available at 7-Eleven.

Best for: Fans of decidedly candy-like chocolate bars. Sometimes you just need to tickle your inner child, and these bars do the job.

Best with: They're pretty good by themselves, but we don't see why you couldn't have them with coffee—or a glass of milk.

Tastes like: They're true to the flavors they promise. Cookies n' Mint has a classic peppermint flavor that thankfully isn't too strong that it tastes like toothpaste. It's peppered with chocolate cookie bits, similar to their Cookies n' Cream bar, for some crunch and a bittersweet touch.

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Meanwhile, Strawberries n' Creme has a fairly realistic flavor, with a good amount of tartness balanced out with ample creaminess. It's got what they call "strawberry flakes", which according to the ingredients list consists of sugar, fruit solids, corn starch, natural color (beetroot red juice and concentrate), and natural and artificial flavor. They aren't quite as tangy as, say, freeze-dried strawberries, but they add a subtle and welcome crispiness to every bite.

Last but not the least, the Sprinkles n' Creme wonderfully evokes the taste of cake batter from commercial cake mix. While primarily sweet and milky in flavor, it has a subtly lemony, somewhat fruity note to it that our inner child loves. It's also dotted with sprinkles, which don't add much flavor-wise but are a great textural contrast from the rest of the creamy chocolate.

Manage your expectations: These aren't exactly high-quality couverture or bean-to-bar stuff. The ingredient list reveals the white-chocolate base to have a percentage of vegetable oil aside from cocoa butter, making for a less-than-velvety mouthfeel. Still, these are fun confections that successfully deliver the flavors they promise. We found ourselves going for piece after piece with zero regrets.


Yay or nay: It's a yay for us!

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