This Ube Cake Is a Custardy Dream

Custard + real ube halaya make for an extra-decadent dessert.

( Trends come and go, but the appeal of ube desserts are eternal in the hearts of Filipinos. You might think you've seen them all, but there's always a new treat to discover—and we've got a suggestion for the next time the purple-yam hankering strikes. This creation by online seller La Royale Patisserie amplifies the usual ube cake with real purple-yam halaya and oh-so-creamy custard, which turns up the richness while bringing out the nuttiness of the purple yam.

This special ube cake is served in a convenient-to-store tub.
PHOTO BY Facebook/LRP Group Food Service
Check out those heavenly layers!
PHOTO BY Facebook/LRP Group Food Service

This special dessert is dubbed the Ube Cake with Real Ube Halaya and Custard, and it's available in a tub that you can conveniently store in the fridge. It's affordable, too, going for just P370 and serving two to four. This is a no-frills dessert that you can enjoy straight from the tub with just a fork—which is just the thing you need at times when you just want to kick back and relax with a comforting treat.

Prefer a classic layer cake? They've got that, too!
PHOTO BY Facebook/LRP Group Food Service

If you prefer to get your purple-yam cake fix in old-fashioned layer cake form, you'll be happy to know that La Royale Patisserie a classic Ube Cake with layers of ube cake, ube halaya filling, and ube frosting. An eight-by-four inch cake goes for P900, while an eight-by-six inch cake goes for P1,200.

You can try out these cakes for yourself by sending La Royale Patisserie a message on Facebook or Instagram. You can also send them a text or call 0961-850-5087 or 0966-311-3467.

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For orders, send La Royale Patisserie a message on Facebook or Instagram, or contact 0961-850-5087 or 0966-311-3467.

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