We Tried LiberTea's Wintermelon Milk Tea and Here's What We Think

ICYMI, Army Navy recently came out with a milk-tea line.

PHOTO BY Patricia Baes ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) ICYMI, Army Navy has recently come out with their own line of milk tea dubbed LiberTea, a delivery-exclusive line with 15 different variants of the beloved drink. As milk-tea fans ourselves, we wanted to know how they fared—so we tried one of the classic milk-tea flavors, the Wintermelon Milk Tea, which has wintermelon-flavored black tea, milk, and pearls. How does it fare?

Libertea's milk tea comes in 500-ml glass jars.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Price and availability: A 500-ml glass jar (yes, it comes in glass jars, the same ones used for Army Navy's LiberTea iced tea) goes for P140, and you can order through GrabFood or Foodpanda. Do note that LiberTea is currently available in selected areas, including parts of Quezon City, Makati, Valenzuela, and Taguig.

Best for: Casual milk-tea fans, or Army Navy loyalists who are looking for a new way to refresh themselves on a hot day.

Best with: It's pretty sweet, so you'll probably want a salty snack—like potato chips or our favorite Army Navy fries—by your side. (Note that Army Navy fries aren't sold at LiberTea.)

The sweetness level and amount of ice are fixed, and the drink comes with pearls by default. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Tastes like: First sip in and our initial reaction is that it's on the sweet side. This is not too surprising as a lot of wintermelon drinks can be that way, and there's no option to adjust the sugar level. The predominant flavor at the onset is that of the brown sugar in the pearls—it comes with the drink by default, and you can get other add-ons (like cheesecake, ube cheesecake, cream cheese, and crushed cookies) to go with the pearls. Sadly, the brown-sugar taste overpowers that of the wintermelon. The flavor of the tea emerges toward the end, but it's rather mild and is overthrown by the sweetness of the drink. Still, we love that the pearls are springy and chewy.

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Manage your expectations: It would be great to be able to adjust the sweetness or ice level, or have the option to select no sinkers.

Yay or nay: We're pretty indifferent, TBH—it's not bad, but there are a lot of other options for great wintermelon milk tea that we'd rather go for. We're looking forward to trying LiberTea's other flavors, though, like the Avocado Cream Cheese and the oh-so-intriguing Pistachio!

For orders, find LiberTea Milk Tea on GrabFood or Foodpanda. For more information, check out LiberTea Milk Tea's Facebook page.

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