Yep, Original Biscocho Haus Makes More Than Just Great Biscocho

They have Calamansi Butterscotch and Ube Barquillos, too!

( Nobody makes biscocho quite like Iloilo institution Original Biscocho Haus—they've pretty much perfected the crunchy yet light, buttery, mildly sweet treat that characterizes excellent biscocho. But that's not all they've got under their sleeves, as the brand also makes other great Filipino sweets that are worth their time in the spotlight. Here are some of their must-try creations which you can order from their website. The good news is, they deliver to Manila, too!

Check out the other great finds from Original Biscocho Haus:

Calamansi Rind Butterscotch

PHOTO BY Original Biscocho Haus

Sweet, chewy butterscotch bars are always a treat, but Original Biscocho Haus gives the treat a welcome vibrant twist by adding the rind of our own calamansi in the Calamansi Rind Butterscotch (P87/200 grams).

Banana Marbles

PHOTO BY Original Biscocho Haus

Ever wish you could enjoy bananas in a sweet, candy-like form that you can easily keep in your pocket? Try the Banana Marbles (P53/150-gram pack), a confection of ripe saba bananas that are candied and balled with sugar.


PHOTO BY Original Biscocho Haus
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If you're a fan of old-fashioned, no-frills Filipino biskwit, you won't run out of options at Original Biscocho Haus. One of their offerings is the Pulceras—a bracelet (pulceras)-shaped biscuit that's just the slightest bit sweet, perfect for enjoying with coffee.

Tablea Butterscotch

PHOTO BY Original Biscocho Haus

What happens when you combine butterscotch and chocolate? You can find the answer when you try them together in the Tablea Butterscotch (P87/200 grams), which has local tablea in the mix for a robust, chocolatey twist on their classic butterscotch bars.

Biscocho Principe

PHOTO BY Original Biscocho Haus

The Biscocho Principe (P46/90 grams) is made with real butter cake toasted to the perfect crunchiness, and is a tad sweeter than their regular biscocho. It's still light and perfectly snackable, nevertheless—try dipping it into hot coffee or tea, as you would Italian biscotti.

Mango Empanaditas

PHOTO BY Original Biscocho Haus

If you love mangoes, you'll love the Mango Empanaditas (P63/160 grams)—mini pastries with a sweet and tangy filling made of Ilonggo mangoes. Think of it as a mango pie or tart in empanada form; you'll love the contrast of the crisp crust and the juicy filling.

Ube Barquillos

PHOTO BY Original Biscocho Haus

If you're looking for a light and crisp way to get your purple-yam fix, look no further than the Ube Barquillos (P39/95 grams). These wafer rolls are flavored with ube and are just mildly sweet—don't be surprised if you find yourself finishing the entire thing in one sitting.

For orders, check out Original Biscocho Haus' website.

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